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NEXT BLOCK Blockchain Conference Tel Aviv

Israel to host the new “From Chaos To Clarity: 2019 Trends” conference in December. Exclusive discounts for Bitnewstoday readers are already revealed. On 12 December 2018, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Israel will host NEXT BLOCK Conference “From ...

73% of Investment Deals In Israeli FinTech Are Made By Foreign Investors
Blockchain   |   31.10.18  |   4270

Foreign investors are interested in Israeli startups: less rounds, but more volumes. MNCs are also looking for alternative ways to penetrate the market in order to cut the costs. Israeli FinTech startups get more attention on a global scale — investors from other countries participate ...

Trending Trinity Weekly (October, 22-26)
India   |   27.10.18  |   4747

A compilation of the most popular stories on Bitnewstoday this week. Posts about India, Israel and Liechtenstein are among the leaders. The latest statistics of your site visits shows the current trend very clearly. It’s regulation that caught and held your attention all week long. However, we have to make a trip around the world to ...

How Israeli Blockchain Startups Attracted $650M, And What Are They Ready To Overpay For
Forecasts   |   25.10.18  |   4438

Why there are 400-500 blockchain startups are expected by 2019 in Israel, how they manage to the staff deficit of 50 thousand programmers and why outsourcing is the last option. In the first part of an interview with Roman GOLD , founding partner of the Israeli Blockchain Association and managing partner of the ...

No Scam Or How Israel Crypto Community Came to Self-Regulation
Forecasts   |   23.10.18  |   5756

Cryptocurrency in Israel is considered as property: investors pay capital gains tax of 25%. Exchanges cooperate with regulators and voluntarily submit reports to the Tax Authority. The digital market of Israel attracts attention with the active participation of regulators ...

The image of the cryptoday
News   |   18.07.18  |   2723

... methods to process an originally unrestricted data element into a corresponding restricted token that can subsequently only be retrieved — or ‘detokenized’ — by a specified user. Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain is Tripling its Development Center in Israel ( Bitmain, the Chinese bitcoin mining giant valued at $12 billion, is cementing its presence in Israel by planning to triple its employees at its domestic development center. In an aggressive expansion of its research and development center ...

Diamond-backed cryptocurrency by Israel’s Diamond Exchange
Investments   |   08.02.18  |   2351

This is not the first ever concept of a diamond-backed coin or asset-backed cryptocurrency, but the Diamond Exchange in Israel possesses human and technological resources most other market players voicing same intentions cannot afford Israel Diamond Exchange plans to develop Carat, a cryptocurrency which is 25% backed by physical diamonds. They also want to introduce ...