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Will Hollywood Allow DLT To Take Control Over The Budgets
Forecasts   |   17.09.18  |  

... onto capital owed to entitled parties for longer than necessary, a major win for those who earn their keep on studio lots and behind the camera." Nevertheless, an air of mystery still surrounds blockchain and everything connected with it is. The cinema industry can be very traditional and conservative, with back-end innovations being rarer than in other industries. There are some examples in the sphere of logistics, distribution or production, but few systematic and profound applications of the ...

Oldboy's father will change the South Korean movie business
Forecasts   |   03.08.18  |  

Sam Chi came up with a plan of changing movie industry. Only korean could’ve came up with a plan like that! South Korea is always keen on bringing up something new: cuisine, traditions, tech and entertainment. Their unique perspective is influenced by the mixture of asian and western view of things. Sam Chi, producer of the legendary korean “Oldboy”, is just like that — he came up with a new idea, that has potential to revolutionize entertainment industry. To learn more about it, we sat down with...

Crypto: a movie on money laundering reportedly starring Kurt Russell
Regulation   |   18.06.18  |  

... to use this particular financial community or its elements in the motion pictures before Kurt Russell will perform in the new digital currency-themed independent film together with Luke Hemsworth and Alexis Bledel. The film title reported by the cinema media outlets is Crypto. The plot of this thriller will involve an agent of an unspecified anti-money laundering agency (the role played by Beau Knapp) engaging with several remarkable individuals - an avid digital currency fan with detective skills ...

Marvel character Tony Stark mentions crypto in new comic
Cryptocurrencies   |   22.05.18  |  

See what Tony Stark said in response to the riskiness of digital currencies raised by one of his interlocutors in a catastrophic situation and why this actually matters in the first place The new comic issued by Marvel called Hunt for Wolverine – Adamantium Agenda #1 is telling the story of a missing superhero and one of those people who are searching for him is Tony Stark, billionaire inventor likely inspired by Howard Hughes. In one of the scenes, the high-tech magnate is talking about the means...

Android TV devices infected with a Monero miner
Regulation   |   06.02.18  |  

A new type of devices is being infected by the latent mining programs, one of the most notable hacker inventions of the last year. Meanwhile, Monero falls by 26% in 24 hours, joining a large group of coins in decline The latest news on the technology-related websites tell about the threat the community already knows, but this time, the mining virus is infecting a new type of devices. The pattern detected by researchers shows that an unidentified hacker team has chosen Android TV devices as targets...

Enough about CryptoKitties, sci-fi filmmakers want to use Ethereum too
Cryptocurrencies   |   11.12.17  |  

Several cinema pieces will be funded with Ethereum on the blockchain-based platform. Why the need? It seems like an untypical marketing strategy, unclear if it’s actually going to pay off According to BTCManager , some filmmakers plan to distribute the New ...

Big Bang Theory episode to feature Bitcoin
Cryptocurrencies   |   29.11.17  |  

Over 12 million are expected to watch this episode of the popular comedy about tech-savvy young people and their adventures filled with tech jokes (airing since 2007) Airing tomorrow on 30 November 2017, a new episode from the Big Bang Theory will feature a story that revolves around the cast finding a laptop containing a stash of the cryptocurrency. The Big Bang Theory is a popular American television sitcom featured on the CBS television network. The story is centered over a group of geeks who...

Follow the White Rabbit: a blockchain innovation in the online cinema sphere
Innovations   |   12.10.17  |  

... watch legally in their country of residence, many American or, say, French second-tier films are often not even issued in some countries, so torrents become the sole opportunity. The leader of White Rabbit has a previous successful experience as the cinema producer.