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Ethereum Foundation grants $5 Mln For Network Infrastructure Improvement
Cryptocurrencies   |   09.01.19  |  

... to Parity Technologies for the development of the blockchain network’s next iteration which is called “ethereum 2.0.” The organization recently announced that the funding is a “scalability, usability and security” grant which is focused on Casper, a PoS protocol upgrade, and the sharding scaling solution. Moreover, the funding is also aimed at light clients, developer tools, audits and infrastructure improvements. According to the foundation's statement, the grant will be provided in several ...

Casper testnet might arrive very soon
Cryptocurrencies   |   29.11.17  |  

... testing network for the new Ethereum protocol upgrade is coming, developers tell. The update will improve the internal structure of ETH network even more As suggested by Lane Rettig on Twitter, the FFG testnet for Ethereum protocol upgrade called Casper is well under way. He is one of the programmers responsible for this network. Test nets are made before the actual new Ethereum protocol versions release and implementation so that nothing gets hurt in the middle of, say, a huge transaction of ...

Casper ready for testnet stage, Ethereum development team says
Cryptocurrencies   |   20.11.17  |  

Ethereum openness led to more than two possible protocol concepts. The leader of Ethereum Foundation proposes to combine all approaches to find the best security solution Ethereum developers want to use the code of experimental proof-of-stake Casper protocol as a base for a new network, reports tell . During the most recent meeting of the ETH dev team, Vitalik Buterin told that the Casper project is now ready for testing and will eliminate some security problems in client-to-client interactions....