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Top 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Trends That Will Rule In 2020

20 April 2020 18:00, UTC
Top 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Trends That Will Rule In 2020
By Mehul Rajput

IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the most alluring results of industrialization 4.0. Also known as the technology that connects, IoT has been high on demand since its arrival. More and more gadgets are entering the array of interconnectedness year-after-year.

IoT technology has developed to an extent where all industry verticals are using it for automating business operations or revising their workflow. With the growing reliance on IoT connected devices, it would be amazing to find how this technology dominates the year 2020.

It’s High Time to Embrace the Internet of Things Technology!

Currently, IoT does not simply end up with a smart kettle or light that may light up using a single click on a mobile app, rather, people have a wide range of IoT-enabled gadgets surrounding them such as smart toys, wearables, TVs, speakers, fitness trackers, smart door lock, commercial security systems, and so forth.


As per Statista, there will be over 30.73 billion IoT devices across the globe by the end of 2020. It means we would enter the next decade and take alongside us a new ecosystem, which is digitally-driven. IoT can improve productivity by lowering human errors. Thereby, more companies are looking to use this technology for growth. For enterprises that look for making a distinction and entering the way to success, investing in the technology and giving it priorities, become important. So, will 2020 see an IoT revolution? Let’s discuss some of the best IoT trends that will dominate in 2020!

1. Better Use of IoT in Supply Chain, Healthcare, and Retail Industries

The IoT concept would develop for exploring its use in various areas. One of the biggest predictions of the IoT trend is that retail, supply chain, and healthcare industries will possibly experience the best growth. The retail industry will revive client experience with IoT combined with Beacons and AI.

IoT is used in the healthcare industry for handling hospital systems and would help remotely located patients connect with nurses and doctors. A combination of smart watches and other wearables would develop this year.

2. Multilingual Voice Assistant

Globally, maximum people are bilingual. Hence, they speak two languages for sure. But with virtual assistants, this is not the case as they enable them to implement a search in one language. Currently, Google Assistant has evolved the first multilingual voice assistant.

Let’s accept a surprising but true fact that English is not the maximum spoken language in the globe. Mandarin is extremely spoken in various global regions and it is on the top of the list of most spoken languages where Spanish ranks the second highest. With the inclusion of the multiple languages, support to voice assistants can be a little complicated but is required. Addition of the multilingual or bilingual support to voice assistants is required for acquiring the maximum benefits.

3. The Emergence of Self-Driven Cars

This dream has become a reality now: autonomous vehicles are going to be on roads! This astounding technology will change our conversion way. This driverless technology has been earlier visualized; nevertheless, it is still undergoing tests; although a few partially automated vehicles are running on roads already for some years.

You may know a few automated features of the BMW7 Series like automated parking and so forth. Similarly, some other automobile companies are also trying out this great driverless technology, which we can predict to be one of the biggest trends of this year.

4. Diversifying Wearables

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Wearables have highly changed. They have become smaller, more sophisticated, stronger, and lighter. Alongside the wrist bands, these devices are seeking new options to look more appealing and eye-catching. Presently, you can monitor your health with the use of small devices and receive notifications on the screen of your smartphone. An ideal balance between daily usability and innovative devices should be maintained to survive a big competition market.

Since wrists are susceptible to wearables, tech biggies like Apple concentrate more on producing wristbands for the promising market boasting above fitness addicts.

5. Concept of Flying Cars

The concept of flying cars that is highly based instead backed by IoT, is simply connectivity. Due to the IoT embedded tools, these vehicles can be controlled remotely. Flying vehicles are no longer an activity of science fiction, rather than an eye-catching reality. Continuous communication with the centralized home base is maintained by the vehicles, which monitors the flight.

6. The Use of Apple Pay

The extensions of digital banking standards and fast development in eCommerce have highly contributed to the great formation of digital payment choices available for every customer these days.

The utilization of mobile wallets is getting popular all across the world and people even are pondering it as their default payment choice. They don’t want to pay in cash whenever they purchase something.

With the splendor of integrating payment gateways with the Apple Pay Mobile Wallet Program, Apple’s developers made payment processing quicker and simpler. This wallet is safe and reduces the requirement for data saved by users. Apple has begun the promotion of the peer-to-peer gateway network for payment across its clients.

7. 5G: Unsettling Reality

This is a revolutionary age where things will transform with the light-years’ speed and telecommunication and the network industry is not at all an exception. The next-gen broadband connectivity will certainly replace or improve the 4G LTE connection of these days.

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Higher speed, better bandwidth, and least waiting, the coming decade would reveal the possibility of IoT in the telecommunication industry. Launch of 5G will change our way of interacting with technology in our daily life to a great extent.

8. Innovation of Sensors

Sensors are affordable, helpful technology that can control everything from pacemakers to automotive fluid levels. They can track our pets also. Since technology is evolving continuously, the innovation of sensors also makes its way in different industries like health, wellness, food, retail, hospitality, and medicines.

Moreover, it allows real-time, remote safe monitoring and sensing with complete observation reports. Maybe you already know about a fitness band or watch; it can track everything. Undoubtedly, the innovation of sensors makes people’s life manageable and simpler.

9. iBeacon

This is one of the strongest technologies from Apple. It is becoming highly in demand in the marketing domain. Do you have an idea about iBeacon from Apple?

Well, Beacons are wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth technology for sending signals. After making the connection, push notifications along with setting messages are seen on the iPhone of the user. Nowadays, in case a promising buyer passes by an apparel shop, as early as he/she passes by the store, sensors put inside the shop connect to his/her smartphone to send a push notification on his/her device regarding current offers, discounts, and all data that the shop owner wants to inform his consumers. This specific trend has transformed the retail industry and improved sales, which will not stop so soon.

10. AI-Powered Data Collection

We already know that IoT helps connect a range of devices which in turn share a massive amount of data. AI-enabled apps are being utilized globally and currently, they have become a growing trend of mobile app development for 2020.

At present, provided the complete number of connected gadgets, we can easily state such information as a whole would change the company’s total decision-making procedure. Nevertheless, data gathered via IoT connected gadgets cannot predict behavior. To achieve this, technical geeks and scientists are using Artificial Intelligence. Integrating the IoT-based system with AI offers them the capacity of training the model, in a manner that they become smarter and make greater decisions.

What Next?

So, what will be the next innovation of IoT, after cars, appliances, and devices? It could be the Smart Cities! You might have watched fiction movies where you can see the use of IoT. All in infrastructure will be integrated with IoT with the inclusion of an advanced sensor for remote access. Undoubtedly, IoT is known as topnotch technology. It will gradually reshape the future, open up newer channels for business experts and entrepreneurs to reap benefits.

Nevertheless, this is the beginning and this technology has many more things to provide beyond your expectations. Thereby, let’s not just predict and see the future revealing the real image.

About The Author

Mehul Rajput is CEO and Co-Founder of Mindinventory, a software development company that provides web and mobile app development services from startup to enterprise level company. His role involves heading the operations related to business and delivery with strategic planning and defining road-maps for the future.

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