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85% of the world's information is media data

03 August 2018 17:14, UTC
85% of the world's information is media data

The event SHULGIN took place in Moscow. Leaders and experts of the media industry discussed the introduction of blockchain technologies in the movie industry. Alexander Shulgin, composer, producer, visionary and venture investor, announced his forecast for the future of the media industry. It’s remarkable that Alexander rarely makes mistakes in his forecasts, as we had the honor to see for our eyes. Back in 2014, he claimed that in 4 years everyone will talk and write about the blockchain, and in 10 years we all will be involved in this technology. Given what all the media are writing about in 2018, we can assume when the blockchain will take over the world. Of course, this is just one stroke. If we collect all the forecasts Shulgin, 85 percent of them have already come true.  

And now he says that almost 85% of the world's information is media. Content is generated where a large number of people gather, discussions are held, there are social networks. In fact, any item of content is a standard file, which means that there should be "Internet of Content", by analogy with the Internet of Things. It will automatically collect and process information. For the media industry, this will allow you to produce content in real time while streaming or views.

One more forecast: the emergence of adaptive media. That is, the content of the new time will be adjusted individually for everyone. For example, two people, being in the same internet space, will see different content. Smart calculation of necessary and high-quality content will be called data mining.

"Machines can be programmed because they are predictable, but humans are not. This human unpredictability will be the basis of the "Internet of Content". All data will be generated and show a complete portrait of the person and society in certain sections, filtering the information. Unpredictability is nowhere better than in the media", says Alexander Shulgin. And all this unpredictability is on the blockchain.

When talking about content, it is necessary to affect the issue of copyright. Shulgin proposes to protect copyright and solve the problem of piracy with a new data format, which he calls dot.bc. This is a kind of capsule, each of which is a unit of content. The smart contract, where these capsules are "protected", stores information about their creation, financing, distribution shares, terms and conditions of use. Access to such a file may be limited or unrestricted, depending on the terms of the smart contract. Once access is received by a billion users, the system thanks to the dot.bc format will instantly record all the information about views, purchases, comments.

What do lawyers think about this? asked for comment to Eric Valdez-Martinez, the CEO Deputy of the Russian intellectual property organization.

“Blockchain technology will help to solve an urgent issue of the right ownership, will allow to distribute rewards correctly, will be actively used from the point of view of product promotion and search of the consumer. However, at the same time there may be a problem of transfer of rights, because each country has its own legislation. You can also expect that the regulatory authorities will perceive the system as a monopoly, as, for example, in the case of Google in the European Union”.

"In the near future, the whole industry will exist at the expense of big data. We will have two worlds: social, where we all live (community, groups, companies), and technological (smart city, Internet of Things, machines), in which the "Internet of Content" will be the main source of power for all technological", - summed up Alexander Shulgin.

Soon we will reveal the topic of innovations in the field of media in an exclusive interview with Alexander Shulgin.

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