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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Storm Over Bitcoin: Quadrupling Lightning Network May Open Pandora's Box
07 December 2018    |   2941
Lightning Network is in the spotlights of crypto community every week for the last couple of months. It is breaking new milestones, and we couldn’t have avoided the phenomenon.
Hacking Human 101: Pros And Cons of Transhumanism
06 December 2018    |   4836
Transhumanism is about creating the best experiences for humanity by merging with technology more closely. People often the way the human race can become better by integrating with technologies. However, this is a significantly controversial topic with many barriers that are yet to be fully explored.
5 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Use-Cases for Cybersecurity
05 December 2018    |   6859
Cybersecurity risks and trends force organizations to adopt precautionary changes and solutions to protect themselves, further forcing them to adapt, evolve or fall behind.
How Self-driving Vehicles To Save Annually $488 Bln in US
05 December 2018    |   3670
How the FOMO effect will give the early disruptors a good opportunity to push the giants like Mercedes, BMW and Ford, out of the market. And why GM is shutting down its existing production plants in the North America and invest $1.1 billion in robo-taxi
Will AI Disrupt The Duties Of Your Doctor And Why It Might Create A Better Healthcare Industry
05 December 2018    |   4455
The medical and healthcare industries are subject to rapid change in AI and machine learning technologies. Will they somehow affect the duties of your doctor and in what way?
Trillion Dollar Security Token Economy Awaits Its Constantine Moment
04 December 2018    |   5250
Charles Voltron continues the story with the historical analogy, considering the potential impact blockchain can have, and what will the aftermath be.
A Database Of Virtue Or How Blockchain Is Close To Christianity
04 December 2018    |   3451
Blockchain still is one one of the most discussed technologies of the decade. Charles Voltron puts forth some ideas on where we are now, and how this new era might manifest.
Blockchain gaming industry. TRON claims the throne?
03 December 2018    |   4280
Ethereum and TRON are ‘fighting’ for the blockchain gaming market dominance. TRON has everything necessary to win in the nearest future.
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