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Stratis Enables the World’s First Smart Contracts on Microsoft’s .NET Framework

04 July 2019 10:21, UTC
Stratis Enables the World’s First Smart Contracts on Microsoft’s .NET Framework

Stratis Group Ltd, the enterprise-grade blockchain development platform, announced the launch of Cirrus Sidechain Masternodes and Stratis Smart Contracts in C#, making Stratis the world’s first blockchain to offer businesses and developers the ability to execute Smart Contracts on the Microsoft .NET core architecture.

The launch of the Cirrus Sidechain – a blockchain pegged to the Stratis mainchain – extends functionality for businesses operating on the Stratis platform. The full production release followed a successful two-week community testing phase during which Masternode Operators were able to familiarise themselves with operating a Sidechain Masternode and interacting with the Cirrus Sidechain.

Chris TREW, Founder and CEO of Stratis commented on the development:

“At Stratis, we are committed to making it easy for businesses to adopt blockchain solutions for real-world use cases. Now, for the first time, enterprises and developers are able to build private blockchains and programme Smart Contracts in their familiar C# language. We see this being of particular benefit to large enterprises, financial services companies as well as government organisations whose systems operate within Microsoft’s .NET framework as our solution is designed to minimise any incompatibility issues which may arise from blockchains and Smart Contracts being built in other computer languages.”

29.03.2019  |   in BNT Reviews
Businesses no longer need to create a completely new blockchain for every new decentralised application, but instead can develop a set of Smart Contracts in a programming language they understand and deploy them on one underlying general-purpose blockchain. This opens up a wide range of enterprise use cases, from tokens and lending platforms to provenance and self-sovereign identity solutions.

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