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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Global Financial System Launders $800 bln Per Year, But FATF Considers Crypto To Be A Threat
20 November 2018    |   3520
AML in banking sphere is severely compromised, but FATF is looking in the direction of imposing AML/KYC obligations on cryptocurrencies. What’s wrong with the priorities?
The Irony Of The Crypto Industry: Banks Turned Out To Be More Decentralized Than Crypto Exchanges
16 October 2018    |   4903
In this year alone hackers stole $927 mln from crypto exchanges. Why fraudsters tend to choose exchanges as their target and what are the tools and methods of dealing with them.
From Russia With Love! TOON #6
15 October 2018    |   5641
American authorities are afraid of the digital economy getting strong. There is a good chance for protecting the dollar system by making a scarecrow out of a strong competitor.
Tragedy In Indonesia. How Humanitarian Supplies Being Embezzled
15 October 2018    |   4840
After the earthquake in Tahiti, $3.6 billion were stolen. How much will be stolen after the earthquake in Indonesia? And could DLT help conquer corruption in humanitarian supplies?
Trending Trinity Weekly (October, 8-12)
13 October 2018    |   3675
Hottest stories of the outgoing week and leaders by the number of your views in our regular rubric. Don’t miss a thing with Trending Trinity Weekly!
Information Security System As a Political Ping-Pong
12 October 2018    |   6518
1 apartment robbery and more than 3 thousand cyber attacks happen every 1.5 min in the EU. The main trend is mail phishing. Crypto exchanges: get your incident response plan ready!
How Low Will The Bitcoin Go If The Quantum Computer Hacks The SHA3-256 Algorithm
12 October 2018    |   5490
The conference CYBER CRIME CON/2018 was held in Moscow. The first day was under the sign of crypto exchanges
Thief Is Not The One Who Steals But The One That Is Caught. TOON #5
12 October 2018    |   5163
Bitnewstoday toon dedicated to the theme of hacking and cybersecurity crypto exchange.
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