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Nash (NEX) Decentralized Exchange Beta Version To Be Launched On March 31

18 February 2019 11:24, UTC
Nash (NEX) Decentralized Exchange Beta Version To Be Launched On March 31

The Nash decentralized exchange will be launched on March 31. The founders announced the date during the session at Neo DevCon 2019.

05.02.2019  |   in Guest posts
Fabio CANESIN, the co-founder of Nash, believes that their product will offer users all the convenience of centralized banking services and exchange applications, but without the significant security threats that are traditionally plaguing this market. Thus, the Nash exchange seeks to solve the problem of centralized exchanges in the crypto sphere.


Nash is the rebranding of the Neon Exchange project (NEX), which was promoted earlier. The project will use the same NEX token in its further work. According to the founders, the platform is aimed to go beyond being just a decentralized exchange. In his presentation, Fabio CANESIN described it as a “financial platform” for the future digital economy. He also stated that the Nash platform is committed to full licensing, which is consistent with the general NEO approach to regulatory compliance. It is planned that Nash will support users from the United States right from its launch date.

Before the beta launch, the Nash developers called on the NEO community to help with software testing. The platform also runs a referral program offering 30 prizes worth $100,000 in BTC and 46,000 NEX tokens.

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