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LA Times Added to Brave Browser Verified Publisher List

12 April 2019 11:16, UTC
LA Times Added to Brave Browser Verified Publisher List

The Brave Browser project received another significant impetus to further development: it became known that the LA Times publisher joined the verified publishers list. The media readership reaches 30 mln people, which puts it on par with the Washington Post and the Guardian, which were taken to the platform.

The Brave browser, working in symbiosis with Basic Attention Token (BAT), develops a digital advertising ecosystem. It provides a more fair distribution of revenue between stakeholders and also allows users to reward their favorite publishers. Adding the LA Times to the platform will take place in the upcoming days.


28.02.2019  |   in Cryptocurrencies
The list of verified publishers Brave currently has more than 15,000 projects. The platform also launched a trial ad program that pays users for viewing ads. Its popularity is growing exponentially on Android and other operating systems.

Image courtesy of Variety

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