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How to Promote Your Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Products With Explainer Videos

01 March 2021 14:10, UTC
How to Promote Your Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Products With Explainer Videos
By Andre Oentoro

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are already complicated terms for the vast majority of people. Unless they have a prior understanding of data analysis and math, most of them will find it difficult to comprehend these subjects.

However, as the cryptocurrency industry grows, the need to simplify the complex matter faces a significant surge. Companies are finding a way to reach out to a broader audience as possible. This is where explainer videos come in handy.

Marketing videos are great to turn the complexity of blockchains into bite-sized information that even a non-tech-savvy audience can comprehend fully. While it does the promoting quite simply, there are other things why the cryptocurrency market needs to include explainer videos in their marketing strategy.

Why Use Explainer Videos?

Attention Grabbing

Videos, for the record, are excellent when it comes to catching attention. Unlike other content strategies, videos present detailed information in moving pictures and audios that viewers can perceive quickly. That's the major reason why people start looking for videos to receive any news.

Easy to Understand

Explainer videos are designed to deliver complicated matters efficiently. The animation can simplify complex blockchain's jargon or cryptocurrency terms and make them easy to comprehend. Not to mention the presence of storytelling helps the audience pay attention wholly without getting confused.

Highly Engaging

The best way to engage with the customers is to connect with them personally. Explainer videos can help convey the intricate message of blockchain products much elegantly. In other words, this video marketing presents the audience's needs by showcasing the brand without making them feel like getting sold.

Four Ways to Promote Explainer Videos for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Company

1. Place Explainer Videos on Websites

First and foremost, people will look for a website to collect information about the blockchain industry. A website is like the online representation of a company. If it's done correctly, you can generate many leads from a single site alone.

Speaking of the leads, explainer videos can help you build a long list of potential customers when you upload them on the website. The reason is rather apparent. Explainer videos provide complete information fast than the typical black and white text on another page.

Instead of surfing for the full information about the cryptocurrency, watching videos is much preferable. It becomes important then to place explainer videos on the homepage as it quickly hooks the visitors when they come in.

2. Upload to Social Media

Over 3.6 billion people use social media on a daily basis, making the platform a perfect medium to run a campaign. Surely, you don't want to miss the bandwagon as many companies have used marketing strategies, specifically social media users.

Explainer videos are ideal for this type of platform. For the matter, social media accentuates visuals on everything. Videos are no exception as they offer remarkable imagery with the addition of powerful narration. Simply put, this type of content is what people love most on the internet.

Social media platforms are also nice to use when you want to raise awareness about a complex matter like blockchain and cryptocurrency. Not only do you gain more exposure, but you also increase the chance of getting new customers from your explainer video post.

3. Include in Email List

Now that you've done some marketing strategies online, there's another scheme you need to consider. Email marketing is still prominent to this day. The reason is that many people perceive email as a very personal way to communicate with friends.

You can benefit from this point by incorporating email lists to promote the blockchain products. Including explainer videos in your email can leave a sense of curiosity—the receivers, or your audience will feel the urge to click on it and watch the entire video.

Placing explainer videos in the email list is a brilliant strategy as you capture the audience's attention and lead them into your brand without leaving the mailing portal. The leads will find it easier to grasp the information without jumping to your site.

4. Use It as Sales Pitch

Last but not least, repeatedly presenting about the cryptocurrency market is challenging work on your behalf. You get to inform over and over again while convincing potential customers about your products. Most of the time, sales pitches don't work out easily.

However, you can now use explainer videos for this exact job going on. Showcasing the blockchain industry in the form of videos can help your potential customers comprehend what they're up to. It makes them understand rather quickly and, most importantly, saves your time.

Explainer videos are excellent to use as a sales pitch. The content presents your cryptocurrency company well under a minute. Moreover, the enclosed call-to-action can straightforwardly hook viewers to go on with your products.

Best Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Explainer Videos

There are many ways to promote blockchain technology and cryptocurrency products to the market. However, as people perceive them as a geeky subject, most will leave without understanding what these growing industries do.

Companies start using explainer videos to convey the message to simplify complicated information about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Here are some of the best explainer videos to check out:




Celcius Network

TED Institute

Bottom Line

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are foreign terms for the majority of people. However, as there's a significant surge of interest in these industries, companies begin to simplify the complexity of the subject to acquire more customers. Explainer videos are excellent for converting these geeky topics into digestible information that everyone can consume. You can simply put the message you want to convey and let explainer videos work the magic for you.

About the Author

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

Twitter: @breadnbeyond

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