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How Digital Services are Helping with Australian Bushfires

14 January 2020 17:40, UTC
How Digital Services are Helping with Australian Bushfires
By Konstantin Rabin

Australia has been struggling with the raging bushfires for quite a while now. The international community has been very actively donating large amounts of money to the local volunteers in the hopes of helping them extinguish the fires and save the wildlife as fast as possible.


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However, due to the limitations of traditional financial platforms, cashing these funds out has taken days and even weeks, depriving the local volunteers of the resources they need to stop the fires.

Because of this, the crypto community decided to open a public BTC address which would gather crypto donations for the bushfires.

The address is: 38gi89vKr7VPCcwdoY2coTha86rfDHeyAR

The wallet has already gathered 1.68 BTC and does not necessarily have a cap. However, making the first wallet public could spark the introduction of new ones almost every day.

Scam prevention

In fact, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has warned the Australian population in a new press release about the growing risk of investment scams regarding the current bushfires.

The commission mentioned that the bushfires have inspired multiple Australians, as well as foreigners to start charities and funds. Although most of these charities are seen and approved by trustworthy entities like Facebook or GoFundMe, there are others that have managed to slip by unnoticed.

According to, an iGaming company in the Nordics, charities are some of the most popular crypto scam options in the region, simply because they are so hard to trace and some platforms don’t even require the personal information of those starting the movements.

Because of this, the ACCC will pay extra attention to what charities are promoted on the internet and which ones are given the seal of approval. This is extremely important not only for the sake of the consumers but also for the bushfires that desperately need those donations.


The bushfires have also caused multiple issues with telecommunication in the area, but thanks to mobile Wi-Fi modems the communities in affected areas as well as the volunteers fighting the fires, the communication has not stopped whatsoever.

The most affected regions are still being broken into with digital access, but the volunteers covering those areas are still forced to rely on radio connections rather than digital.

Spreading the word

Other types of digital services include things such as unhinged streaming of the current events, meaning that the volunteers currently working on extinguishing the fires have the opportunity to broadcast the real situation with the fires.

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Furthermore, they have the opportunity to share the content of what’s really at stake. Most people confirm that hearing about the massive loss of life in the Australian bushfires was what got them to pay a lot more attention to the whole situation and start donating.

Because of all of these advantages, Australian volunteers are hoping that local digital services, with the help of any technology necessary, will continue to provide these opportunities.

Image courtesy of NY Post

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