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Ethereum Can Become The First Public Blockchain In Hyperledger Consortium

23 August 2019 14:28, UTC
Ethereum Can Become The First Public Blockchain In Hyperledger Consortium

Ethereum could be the first public blockchain in the Hyperledger consortium, provided that the technical committee of the latter approves the proposal to accept the Pantheon project which is based on ConsenSys.

The proposal was sent via email to the Hyperledger mailing list. If accepted, Pantheon will be renamed Hyperledger Besu. Pantheon is a suite of services based on Ethereum. It was developed by PegaSys, a team of 50 ConsenSys engineers. The Java-based Pantheon Ethereum client is used to develop enterprise applications with features such as privacy and permissioning.

22.08.2019  |   in Cryptocurrencies analysis
Approval of the project will transfer the Pantheon protocol under Hyperledger, to join other projects such as Hyperledger Fabric from IBM and Hyperledger Sawtooth from Intel. Pantheon is expected to be the first open blockchain project added to the Hyperledger umbrella, which means that Pantheon code will be published on the Hyperledger proprietary page on GitHub and open to contribution from the developers.

The consortium previously partnered with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to collaborate on common blockchain standards.

Image: Mr Addon

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