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Hyundai mining pool hacked, management declines responsibility

25 May 2018 00:00, UTC   |    1619
Hyundai mining pool hacked, management declines responsibility

A mining pool which under usual circumstances is controlled by South Korean Hyundai has been hijacked by unknown hackers. This has been reported by the local media. Interestingly, some sources say that the direct management of the mining pool has swiftly declined responsibility over the lost pool. It was related to the blockchain platform called HDAC which, in turn, is under the management of HyundaiPay.

When reached for comments, HyundaiPay has insisted that the mining pool was in fact not related to the blockchain platform, which, in turn, breaks the connection with this financial technologies branch.

At the press time, it is unclear who’s telling the truth here -- journalists or the corporate representatives. There is no indication of the regain of control over this pool. Notably, the HDAC platform has also been hacked - with the management admitting it had to pause withdrawals to deal with the attack.

Another branch of the same corporation, Hyundai Merchant Marine, has developed a blockchain platform for container traffic with the additional use of Internet of Things (IoT).


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