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Sheba Jafari, Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin might fall below $7000 and even $5900

13 March 2018   |  in Bitcoin   |  in Bitcoin   |   425
Sheba Jafari, Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin might fall below $7000 and even $5900

Analyst from Goldman Sachs Sheba Jafari has prepared a new report on possible future price of Bitcoin, business media tells.

According to this report, Bitcoin might lose market support at $9,210 which will open a possibility of fall towards $7,000. In case the market becomes even more unstable, it can even fall to $5,922 and beyond. To regain stability, the most popular cryptocurrency must surpass $9,322.

This analyst’s previous prognoses of the last year were true. Bitcoin indeed reached 8,000 dollars and even went beyond. The January report about Bitcoin being able to get below $10,000 was true as well. Time will show how well this particular report predicts the future.

The possibility of Bitcoin coming down has already been outlined by other economic analysts. For example, Nouriel “Dr Doom” Roubini went as far as to imply the intellectual impairment of cryptocurrency traders on his Twitter and called the local bearish trend the burst of the bubble. But even the trend outlined in the report described above might not necessarily mean Bitcoin would stay low in the long term.

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