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Russian KAMAZ truck plant debunks the rumors on Petro token foreign trade

05 April 2018 00:00, UTC
Russian KAMAZ truck plant debunks the rumors on Petro token foreign trade

Rumors connected with Petro, a cryptocurrency made by the authorities of Venezuela (as they claim) to improve economy, have not been confirmed again. And once again, Russia is part of the rumors. As initial messages in the media told, the Russian truck plant called KAMAZ will sell car parts to Venezuela for Petro. Journalists cited one of the ministers of Venezuela responsible for foreign trade.

KAMAZ, in turn, has answered to the press inquiries of the local journalists with a complete rejection of all these rumors and told that no official requests from Venezuela has reached them yet.

Previous rumors about Petro being the medium of exchange between Russia and Venezuela were even more obscure - they suggested that the Kremlin would accept the giant debt of Venezuela in a digital asset. This information is incorrect, the officials responsible for this issue told.

07.03.2018  |   in Cryptocurrencies analysis

The cryptocurrency called Petro is a toxic asset as declared by the United States government. Regular citizens of Venezuela suspect a state-level fraud scheme - all petros are controlled by one blockchain address, as the source of Bitnewstoday in Venezuela tells.

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