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7 Ways Blockchain Benefits Mobile App Development Services

03 April 2020 16:00, UTC
7 Ways Blockchain Benefits Mobile App Development Services
By Shahid Mansuri

If you are into mobile app development services, it is worth keeping up with the latest technology. Blockchain, a new functional model or platform, is sure to be competitive in adopting an already heated industry. To stay competitive in the mobile app development industry, it is necessary to adopt the new technologies that give you an edge over your competitors.

In 2018, blockchain system development was on top, and many industry giants took a queue and started taking advantage of this technology. Like any other new-born technology, it is merging with existing ones. It already hampers money management and is ready for mobile app development with a storm.

1. Secured data

The blockchain brought not only security but transparency. Each transaction is recorded on the blocks, making the information more comfortable for the user. Blockchain's impenetrable level of defence is the result of using cryptography. A powerful encryption method that stores data on interconnected blocks. Each block records the previous block's address, the current one, and the timestamp. Once stored, no data can be changed because a cryptographic hash protects it.

This indicates that any personal data of the mobile application user will be protected. Blockchain encryption is completely sophisticated, and this sophistication makes decryption impossible without authentic keys.

2. Transparent system

On the blockchain network, only an authorized user can change or view the data, without altering the previous entries. Everyone records the blockchain's digital ledger, and the user can see that the information entered can reduce any chance of spam transactions or frauds. What's more, it uses a computer network, which continually analyses and transmits data. Therefore, whenever there is a change in the data or information, the data applies to the block or ledger. The feat is worldwide and businesses are taking advantage of the development and execution of high customer satisfaction levels with high transparency.

Building a mobile app can significantly benefit from blockchain here. At the moment, most mobile applications use a server-client system. The user phone acts as the client while the data is the ultimate server that sends information on demand to the client or user phone. When there is a large number of customers using the server network, the network connecting the two ends becomes very stressful. Blockchain can significantly reduce network stress and display faster information.

3. Reliable and scalable

Blockchain's robust and yet dynamic design allows the mobile app to rely on it. Also, prevent the system against any potential accidents. As application data is stored on multiple blocks connected by the blockchain network, it protects the system from any data compromise.

Blockchain is easy to work with, thanks to open source, so provides a cost-effective and easy-to-develop approach to development. Despite such events in the blockchain field, there are still many unsolved questions related to reliability and scalability of blockchain.

4. Debugging

First, any data on the blockchain is protected by the cryptographic encryption, making it virtually impossible to trick or manipulate data. Second, a blockchain network user has two keys: public and private. The public key appears on the network, while the user reserves the private key. The user will have to combine both keys to perform the transaction, which is called the user's 'digital signature' to verify and record the transaction on the blockchain network.

Over the years, there have been some cases where blockchain has been hacked, but this number is much lower than the traditional number of violations. Many researchers have begun to detect network or security vulnerabilities, named smart contract bugs. Generally, smart contracts are automated cryptocurrencies that facilitate programs running on the blockchain network and are capable of detecting exploitable smart contracts, such as errors in other software. These mistakes can be traced further for personal gain.

5. Easy to understand

Another significant benefit of blockchain technology is its simplicity. When it comes to simplicity, blockchain has the upper hand of other related concepts that perform similar tasks. Simplicity makes it a quickly developed and cost-effective approach to mobile application development.

If the technology is complex, it requires more effort, time and money to integrate, modify and maintain it. In other words, complex technologies contribute to increased costs associated with application development and maintenance. Blockchain development services can help entrepreneurs provide such a feature by providing a high-end mobile app.

6. Constant updates

13.05.2019  |   in Blockchain
Blockchain technology is evolving at a rapid pace. The way it is evolving these days, we can certainly expect it to bring maximum updates in the future. This will result in mobile enterprise applications catering to future requirements, and finally, you can provide better customer service with such an advanced mobile app.

The technology behind blockchain is also freely available as a free source technology. Blockchain application developers can easily share and use progress to make the application more robust and secure. In a way, blockchain technology can help reduce application development time and cost while creating advanced mobile application solutions.

7. Decentralized management

The blockchain serves as a distributed entity powered by an extensive global network of computers. All of these computers collaboratively analyse and sync data. If a change occurs, the difference is related to the rest of the machines keeping the same book. Depending on the nature of the change, the system can accept or reject the change.

This distributed network of computers acts as a server for the client. The mobile app works as the customer of these servers. As blockchain gets developers with more storage and better data streaming, the overall communication and network will be even better.


The use of blockchain technology for mobile app development services has substantially increased in the past few years. The technology itself is yet to be fully explored. Many innovations again to be unleashed in the future as the mobile app developers continue to develop creative applications with this technology. You can hire dedicated app developers who have integrated the features of blockchain to unlock its benefits. You can see immense possibilities and opportunities in blockchain app development companies when it comes to integrating technologies like AR, VR, AI in mobile app development.

About the Author:

Shahid Mansuri is a co-founder at Peerbits, one of the leading software development company USA, which provides Blockchain app development services. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yielded fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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