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11 Universities Join Ripple’s Research And Education Initiatives

08 February 2019 10:03, UTC
11 Universities Join Ripple’s Research And Education Initiatives

10.01.2019  |   in Innovations
Ripple successfully expands its partnership with educational institutions: the list of partners is now updated with 11 more universities. The UBRI program was founded in June 2018 and included 29 leading universities studying the blockchain technology and areas of its application. Now there are 40 of them in total, and probably there will be more.

The Ripple UBRI program can be estimated as a long-term investment that would provide the company with a significant advantage in their development and growth. Over the past six months, the project has been developing actively and now has reached a new milestone.

Ripple partners are educational institutions from around the world: Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, Georgetown University, National University of Singapore, University of São Paulo, Tsinghua University and many others.

The program is focused on the development of academic research, technical developments, and innovations in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital payments. UBRI will allow people to build a career in the blockchain industry in the field of engineering, business, software development, and many other disciplines.

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