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Top 5 Crypto Events This Spring

30 January 2020 14:31, UTC
Top 5 Crypto Events This Spring

Spring of 2020 is quite extraordinary - only a few cryptocurrency events will be held in the “Western World”. The center of gravity in crypto is shifting to Asia - people in this region are most interested in digital money. However, events that will be held may be few in numbers but are extremely important for the future of the industry.

London Blockchain Week

The 6th London Blockchain Week will take place from March 4 to March 11. Participants will discuss a huge variety of crypto world issues. From the latest trends in regulations and most promising projects to social aspects, such as the role of women. But the key topic of this Blockchain Week will be blockchain application in the Internet of Things.

Also, just as usual, London Blockchain Week will hold Hackathon Weekend on the 7th and 8th of March with generous rewards for the best participants.

The Conference. Exchanges

This is a much more specialized event. dedicated entirely to exchanges and trading aspects of the crypto market. However, it may very well be the most important event of the entire spring. After all, events on crypto exchanges affect the industry as a whole much more than any particular project can.

The Conference. Exchanges will take place on March 3 in Amsterdam. All key market players - regulators, exchanges, liquidity providers, developers, and traders - will discuss the most pressing issues of the industry. Security problems, fake trading volumes, lack of liquidity, legal issues and many more important topics will be discussed. And the goal of the conference is to develop the ways to solve these issues together by the common effort of all market players.

CAC 2020

Another quite specialized event will take place in Frankfurt on the 9th and 10th of March - Crypto Asset Conference 2020. More than 300 experts will discuss major developments and trends in blockchain technology and its application.

The key topic of the conference will be the Digital Euro concept, machine-2-machine payment processes, and tokenized securities. But other aspects, including regulatory ones, will be discussed as well.

Blockchain Expo

The largest crypto event of this spring with the broadest scope is Blockchain Expo which will be hosted in London on March 17-18. More than 500 speakers and 9000 attendees will discuss a huge variety of topics - from new projects to the social impact of blockchain technology. It is impossible to determine the key topic of such huge events. The hosts want to focus on blockchain application in most promising “traditional” industries, but every blockchain enthusiast will find something interesting and useful there.

Anon Summit 2020

And the last major event of this spring, Anon Summit 2020, will take place in Vienna on 15 and 16 of April. A special feature of this summit is the participation of a large number of “non-crypto” companies, interested in blockchain capabilities and its integration. Thus. the main topic is pretty much predet ermined - interoperability of different on-chain and off-chain systems, its prospects, problems, and quirks.


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