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Will the crypto market fall if Microsoft bans crypto ads?

16 May 2018  |    1529

Litecoin has been added to the Abra platform, the only application that  virtually operates all over the world with 25 cryptos. According to CoinMarketCap’s Top-10, Litecoin is in the sixth place, and that’s why it was added to Abra.
This fact is mutually beneficial - it promotes Litecoin, and also increases Abra’s popularity.

HTC will create Exodus, a new smartphone with blockchain support.
A universal cold wallet will be pre-installed. It will secure crypto transactions and operate with decentralized applications.
It’s been announced that there’ll be support for such networks as Bitcoin, Lightning Network, Ethereum and Dfinity, but there is more to come. It is expected that Exodus may be bought for cryptos, but the price hasn’t been disclosed yet.

15.05.2018  |   

American regulators don’t present any inclination to suppress Blockchain, but continue to monitor ICOs and cryptos.
Such conclusions can be drawn from the US regulatory bodies’ comments at Consensus 2018. It is agreed unanimously, that the main problem of the crypto world is the lack of regulations. US General Prosecutor De  puty has also added, that the protection of Americans should be their top priority.

Circle, a crypto-startup, which has Goldman Sachs among its investors, has attracted 110 million dollars in ICO investments.The current investments stage is headed by Bitmain, a Chinese mining equipment producer. Thus, as a result, the company expects to receive 3 billion dollars in investments.
Circle was founded in 2014, it offers the possibility to store digital currencies and provides services for money transferring within its own payment system.
The company has recently announced its new product - the USD Coin token, linked to the US dollar and designed to solve the problem of volatility.

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, has supported Google, Twitter and Facebook and announced its ban on ads concerning cryptocurrencies and related services and products.
The platform has justified this by  the need to protect users from fraud due to the lack of crypto regulations. The ban will come into force in June.

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