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How far will BTC go? An optimistic (but realistic) perspective from experts

16 April 2018  |    1675

Tom Lee, the financial analyst and former chief strategist-analyst at JPMorgan Chase, gives an optimistic forecast for Bitcoin. The expert believes that by the end of the year, prices will at least double. Previously, Lee suggested that a fall could occur on April 17th, the deadline for tax returns in America, but didn’t rule out a future rise to 25 thousand dollars.
Considering the current events, Lee’s opinion looks more realistic than Tim Draper’s, a successful venture investor. He’s predicted that Bitcoin would hit 2 hundred and 50 thousand dollars within four years.

Mastercard has announced an increase in its Blockchain staff. New employees will develop more efficient payment systems. In the company's management, a staff increase was justified by the need to provide financial inclusion at home and abroad, as well as providing customers, businesses and governments with the most innovative, secure and safest ways of making payments.

Less than one hundred out of every 2 hundred and 50 thousand American taxpayers have reported profits or losses arising from crypto-trading and transactions at Credit Karma, a platform for preparing tax reports.
Tax payers’ low interest on crypto-trading may be caused by the fact that the Internal Revenue Service has officially announced that cryptocurrencies are recognized as property in America, and any transactions with them are subject to taxation.

Citizens of South Korea have appealed to the President to organize a free Blockchain zone in the country. The petition has formally asked the government to advance in the field of innovative technologies and solutions, such as cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. It will be considered until May 9th. The appeal also requests the removal of a policy that currently prevents companies from some types of research into these technologies

The Indian crypto-exchange Coinsecure, has accused one of its employees of stealing 4 hundred and 38 Bitcoins, worth over 3 million dollars. This is the largest theft on the country until now.
The company stressed that the theft was not a result of hacking. The Bitcoins were transferred, by an employee, to a wallet not associated with the exchange. The exchange has promised to refund users that have been affected.

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