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EOS — is it worth buying?

13 April 2018  |    3241

Today EOS, a digital coin displaced Litecoin from the TOP-5, and has become one of the cryptomarket leaders. EOS’s price has increased over 30% for one day. Let’s see what’s behind its performance.

EOS Tokens were launched to simultaneously conduct different tasks. In fact, it is an operating system to carry out ICOs for one or several projects. Initially, this platform was based on Ethereum, that’s why EOS is thought to be its challenging successor.

The purpose of this platform is a diversified approach of Blockchains. It opens access to accounts, identity verifications, asynchronous means of communication and data bases. It can be broaden for millions of operations in a second, without any commissions.

The platform is always being developed and improved, that’s why it will be interesting for the audience. Its own Blockchain platform, EOSIO 1.0 is planned to be launched in June. It will create and use Dapps. Shortly before it, EOSIO Dawn 3.0 was launched as a testnet on Github.

These might be the reasons behind EOS’s price increase. Having lasted for almost a year, with the result of more than 7 hundred 70 million out of 1 billion coins sold, the EOS ICO will end in this summer.

Another reason for the price increase may be the statement from AntPool, the biggest mining pool, about its participation on EOS’s mining contest. The project managers will choose 21 platforms to provide the Network.

Moreover, there will be an Airdrop of eosDAC Tokens on April 15th. Bithumb, OKEx, HitBTC and other huge trading platforms have supported the Airdrop.

Another advantage of EOS is an agreement with Bitfinex, on the basis of which a trading Platform, EOSfinex, will be created.

Thus, statements about project multitasking have evident substance. While the support of quite a big Telegram community can be a bonus to EOS’s popularity.

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