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Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange Adds Swiss Franc (CHF) to Trading Couples
Exchanges   |   06.12.19  |  

Kraken also noted cooperation with Frick Bank, thanks to which the Swiss franc will join the scope of fiat currencies that the exchange already supports
Tags: Kraken, crypto trading, Swiss franc, updates

EY Releases Code for Ethereum a Few Days Before Istanbul
Innovations   |   06.12.19  |  

In April, the company released a development called Nightfall, which was aimed at making private transactions in Ethereum, now it is being upgraded
Tags: EY, Ethereum, zero disclosure, blockchain update

EU vs Stablecoins: Ban or Control?
Eu   |   06.12.19  |  

No global stablecoins project will start operating in the European Union until the risks for monetary sovereignty are excluded, regulators warn
Tags: EU, stablecoins, cryptocurrency ban, CBDC, digital assets

Deutsche Bank Strategist: Cryptos to Become the Main Financial Agents by 2030
Forecasts   |   06.12.19  |  

According to research called “Imagine 2030”, which is a publication from the Deutsche Bank, the world is already moving towards cryptocurrencies at a faster and more accelerated rate
Tags: Germany, stablecoins, Jim Reid, analysis, forecast

Study: Blockchain Сould Save $450 Bln in Logistics in Western Europe
Blockchain   |   05.12.19  |  

Cointelegraph Consulting and Insolar collaborated to investigate the problems that corporate firms face in managing supply chains
Tags: blockchain application, supply chain, retail, fashion, cars

France To Launch a Digital Asset in Q1 2020
Legislation   |   05.12.19  |  

This was announced by the head of the Bank of France during his speech at ACPR, the French regulatory agency for banks and insurance companies
Tags: France, digital asset, Bank of France

The Largest Seize: $1.5 Mln Worth of Crypto Arrested by Australian Border Police
Crime   |   04.12.19  |  

The largest seize of cryptocurrency assets in the world occurred yesterday, being taken away by the police from a couple trying to cross the Australian border
Tags: Australia, crime, drug trafficking

Juventus Launched the World's First FTO
Innovations   |   04.12.19  |  

In partnership with a startup company Socios, Juventus has minted JUV tokens to vote on various issues related to the life of the team
Tags: Juventus, football, FTO, Socios

Your Own Blockchain: Difficult, But Very Desirable
Blockchain   |   04.12.19  |  

In this series of articles, BNT would like to speak about some important steps that should be done before you start and run your blockchain project successfully
Tags: blockchain application, consensus, DLT

Singapore-supported Blockchain Platform Fundraised $15.7 Mln In New Round
Innovations   |   03.12.19  |  

In a recent press release, Tribe Accelerator said that to date, a total of $28 million has been raised to support blockchain startups from around the world
Tags: Tribe, Singapore, venture investment, startup

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