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A Lack Of Artificial Intelligence Managers Threatens Italy
Artificial-intelligence   |   24.05.19  |  

The problem is about the absence of institutions for educating this kind of specialists, as well as the absence of a general concept that allows solving the training problem
Tags: AI, Italy, education, universities, labour market

Cointelligence Report: HitBTC Funds Supposedly Are About $ 3 Mln Only
Exchanges   |   24.05.19  |  

Cointelligence analysts have compared some of HitBTC statistics with other leading exchanges and believe that the crypto exchange may be insolvent
Tags: HitBTC, analysis, Cointelligence, trading volume

Telecom Giant AT&T Started Accepting Bitcoin Payments
Innovations   |   24.05.19  |  

The company has partnered with Bitpay to let users pay for the services with cryptocurrencies. Customers can pay their bills via the AT&T online platform
Tags: AT&T, telecommunications, BitPay

The Swiss National Stock Exchange Plans To Create Franc-backed Stablecoin
Cryptocurrencies   |   23.05.19  |  

According to CoinDesk, the main goal of a stable coin development is to facilitate transactions on the SDX  digital exchange, which will be launched in the second half of the year
Tags: Switzerland, SIX, stablecoin, STO

Fintech Monsters: Adyen and Robinhood Markets
Bnt-reviews   |   22.05.19  |  

Bitnewstoday continues to review the most successful and important companies in the digital economy world
Tags: adyen, Robinhood markets, fintech

BREAKING: Tether Admits Investing In Bitcoin, But Claims NYAG Case To Be Dismissed
Cryptocurrencies   |   22.05.19  |  

The Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange and the stablecoin Tether admitted in court that part of the USDT backing reserves were used to invest in bitcoins
Tags: Bitfinex, Tether, investigation, New York

The Japanese House of Representatives Introduced New Crypto Regulations
Legislation   |   22.05.19  |  

The lower house has moved crypto-related amendments to the existing financial law to the House of Councillors at a recent plenary session
Tags: Japan, regulation of cryptocurrency, parliament, legislation

Honda and GM Research Electric Vehicle And Smart Grid Interoperability With The Use Of Blockchain
Innovations   |   21.05.19  |  

It is assumed that this development will allow owners of electric vehicles to earn money for storing energy in car batteries and sharing it with the grid
Tags: automobiles, smart network, blockchain application, Honda, GM

The US Internal Revenue Service Plans To Update Cryptocurrency Tax Guidance
Legislation   |   21.05.19  |  

In accordance with a request from a member of the House of Representatives, the IRS is working on guidance for acceptable methods for calculating the taxes
Tags: IRS, USA, cryptocurrency taxes, Congress

Best Amazon FBA Training Class for Beginners When Starting a Business
Guest-posts   |   21.05.19  |  

The earning potential of Amazon FBA is very high, but it can be tricky to learn everything on your own. A training class can help you to get started on your road to success
Tags: Amazon, FBA, education

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