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Blockchain as a chance for start-ups
27.09.2017  |   MarketBlockchain

Will the technology of blockchain restore the reputation of crowdfunding and improve the system of crowdinvesting and how ICO gives start-ups a chance to turn from idea into business, read in a new article bitnewstoday Experts in the field of blockchain technologies are sure that distributed registers will give impetus to development of crowdfunding and crowdinvesting. ICO (initial coin offering) as one of the variants of crowdinvesting has already given the right to live for many projects. Their...

Uber co-founder makes a new Eco coin
05.03.2018  |   NewsAltcoin

Another altcoin on the market. Find out in this new material what exactly made Garrett Camp to name his new cryptocurrency “eco” and what exactly made this businessman come up with the initial idea Garrett Camp, almost a decade after he co-founded the popular taxi platform called Uber which has disrupted the market of taxi so much that regular taxi drivers even formed protest movements against it, is now following the popular trend and enters the crypto market with his new proposal - the cryptocurrency...

Suddenly, hackers return over $15 million in ETH to CoinDash
28.02.2018  |   NewsEthereum

The CoinDash initial coin offering has been robbed last year, and now under mysterious circumstances a huge part of stolen money returns to rightful owners. Find out below how much CoinDash has yet to return CoinDash, an Israeli blockchain startup, has suffered because of unknown hackers who stole over 40 thousand Ethereum coins. According to the latest messages in the media related to the cryptocurrency sphere, 20 thousand ETH is now in possession of CoinDash again after two mysterious transactions...

LoopX gets $4.5 mln and vanishes after holding ICO
13.02.2018  |   NewsBitcoin

Once again, a criminal group uses the new investment attraction mechanism for its own benefit and disappears right after acquiring the sum the fraudsters deem enough. This time it’s LoopX disguised as a trading program Initial coin offerings not only often become targeted by hackers, but such offerings themselves can be rigged from the start. The latest example is LoopX, a new scam which disguised as a new and cutting-edge trading program with speedy transactions and algorithms. The marketing campaign...

Russian hockey player invests in a blockchain universe
07.02.2018  |   NewsBlockchain

Evgeni Malkin, Russian award-winning hockey player, sometimes invests in various businesses, and as a latest example, he puts money in something one might consider a rival for Decentraland Russian media sources tell about the latest investment made by Evgeni Malkin, prominent hockey player. He decided to help the developers of, which by its description seems to be rather similar to Decentraland - a blockchain-based virtual universe. A serious difference between Decentraland and this...

Rocket with Qtum blockchain node successfully launched from spaceport
06.02.2018  |   NewsBlockchain

A special satellite with a key component of Qtum blockchain was a part of the payload of the rocket which has been launched from a Chinese spaceport several days ago. Judging by the official Twitter of the project, no accidents happened and the satellite already orbits around the Earth Chinese space satellite with a blockchain node made by Qtum has been launched a few days ago with the help of the company called Spacechain, which researches satellite data exchange networks. According to the press...

Ethereum-based Seele ICO becomes an object of scam, $1.8 mln lost
05.02.2018  |   NewsEthereum

The initial coin offering once again becomes a target of fraudsters, indicating how start-uppers often lack the knowledge of how to counter malefactors posing as administrators. Read below whose practice could be used by ICO businessmen to prevent such disasters While “blockchain 4.0” in the marketing materials itself looks scammy, the Ethereum-based initial coin offering of the project called Seele itself is almost certainly not a scam. But still, it became involved in frauds indirectly, after...

Hashchain acquires Node40 to develop cryptocurrency tax software together
01.02.2018  |   NewsTechnology

Node40 decided to solve a persistent problem of cryptocurrency traders not reporting their revenues for taxation by making an easy program. This attracted a big investor who simply acquired the company and gave carte blanche for further development Hashchain, a corporation in Canada, has decided to acquire a promising firm called Node40 due to the very prospective software Node40 is currently developing. This program might help the users of major cryptocurrency exchanges to efficiently compose...

Shell ramps up its stock prices by investing in Applied Blockchain
23.01.2018  |   NewsBlockchain

Situation with this investment made by Shell looks similar to that blockchain rebranding of Long Island Tea: nobody really knows what is going to happen next, but the price grows anyway due to the interest of the majority in the topic Major financial outlets report about the investment of Shell into a startup that plans to develop blockchain technologies and smart contracts-based solutions. This has increased the stock price of Shell since the time of initial reports in January 19. As the CTO of...

EOS to announce its second VC partner tomorrow
22.01.2018  |   NewsAltcoin

... dip, it is growing back quite swiftly since 18 January 2018. The capitalization of this project makes 9 billion dollars, and the team consists of developers who have experience in the field, which benefits the reputation on the market: many ICOs and startups often cannot boast with a team that has a good knowledge of software and programming. If this currently unknown partner is reputable and trustworthy enough, the price of EOS token will undoubtedly rise as a result of the news, but it can also ...

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