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The Cobinhood Founder: "There is no exit scam, neither bankruptcy"
Exchanges   |   30.05.19  |  

The Taiwanese сrypto exchange Cobinhood has been at the centre of the scandal for several days. Users suspect it of fraud and exit-scam Cobinhood exchange has been at the centre of the scandal for several days. Users suspect it of fraud and exit-scam. On 29 May, following the recent controversy which surrounded Taiwanese crypto exchange, the co-founder and CEO Popo CHEN has published ...

Coinbin Exchange Files For Bankruptcy: More Than $26 Mln Embezzled
Exchanges   |   25.02.19  |  

Coinbin CEO Park Chang-kyu announced the bad news, but according to him, the reason behind this decision is a waste of funds committed by an employee South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinbin has filed for bankruptcy after a loss of about $26 mln, Business Korea reports . Coinbin crypto exchange has become the owner and the successor of the notoriously known Youbit exchange, which is twice-hacked in 2017. Now it seems that the same fate awaits Coinbin, as it happened with the predecessor. Coinbin...

FraudICO International Social and Legal Project

The new platform will bring together investors who are faced with ICO scams and frauds and are seeking legal support to get their funds back It is so common that investors, fallen for a fraudulent project, do not have any knowledge or resources to get a refund. Fraudico Ltd has launched a unique project - ...

Why QuadrigaCX’s Cold Wallet Reserves Haven’t Been Identified Yet
Guest-posts   |   11.02.19  |  

QuadrigaCX went offline with $190M gone after the purported founder’s death; people have declared it to be an exit scam or fraud. Paul Sibenik investigates the case Since QuadrigaCX went offline late last month due to not being able access $190M in cold storage reserves after the purported founders death, many people have declared it to be an exit scam or fraud....

Where Did $21 Mln Go? THOR Project Is Almost Broke
Cryptocurrencies   |   08.02.19  |  

... is not doing enough to develop and that THOR is becoming centralized. The audience reacts negatively to the news — many wonder what happened to the collected $21 mln, accusing the founders of the fact that the project was initially conceived as a scam. Image courtesy of CBR

Italian Crypto Fraudsters Use the Central Bank Logo In Social Networks
Crime   |   01.02.19  |  

... fabulous earnings on investments in cryptocurrency, stop at nothing. The Central Bank of Italy has applied to law enforcement authorities According to unofficial estimates, in Italy alone, the annual turnover of cryptocurrencies by social network scammers is 3 bln euros. Organized crime stands behind the numerous accounts of self-styled financial structures. The philosophy of the fraudsters is simple: it is much easier and more profitable to steal money in the virtual space than to rob a man with ...

PRIZM Cryptocurrency: Paramining, MLM, And... Steamers
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   16.01.19  |  

... the classical principles of MLM, has the features of a Ponzi scheme, with the creators originating from the MMM financial pyramid. It has arisen in 2016, and in 2019, it is still running! Is there any reason that people who know about Ponzi schemes, scammers and fraudsters luring money from simple-minded people, still convert their savings to PRIZM and rejoice quietly, looking at the growing number of candy wrappers in their crypto wallets? We will answer this question by the end of the article, ...