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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Ripple’s Ryan Zagone to join the Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force Steering Committee
19.06.2018  |   NewsAltcoin

... company’s head of Business Development is going to enter a council of various financial institutions with close ties to the United States Federal Reserve One of the high-ranking managers of Ripple has become a member of a task force responsible for faster payments with close ties to the United States Federal Reserve. While this Steering Committee consists of several hundreds of participants, Ryan Zagone will represent 90 payment firms, as reported by AMBCrypto. Naturally, both Ripple Labs and Mr. Zagone ...

HODL! Who’s behind the market losses?

Today on our newest Special News Report on BitnewsToday we bring you the most interesting controversial news about EOS, crypto enthusiasts’ apprehensive attitude towards blockchain implementation, and this week’s main highlights. Check these and other news on Bitnewwstoday. Watch them now and get informed right away! EOS’ main network’s launch was postponed. To activate it, at least 15% of EOS owners were needed. Users simply were afraid to lose their electronic keys, and, potentially, their investments...

GMO to introduce Bitcoin payments for in-game achievements
04.06.2018  |   NewsBitcoin

The new system may bring the digital currency market and in-game rewarding system closer. See the details on this project by GMO and other interesting endeavors in the new material on the topic The Japanese company called GMO is going to implement Bitcoin rewards in the achievements system of new video games this summer, as witnessed by the reports from the region. The company does not exclude the addition of other coins over time. Rewards in video games are given in exchange for certain activities:...

Stellar cryptocurrency – it’s Lumen: a complicated story or a promising asset?
24.05.2018  |   MarketAltcoin

... a particular function — it is an internal asset of the Stellar network. Stellar is a modern payment system Lumens are used for circulation in the system of financial transactions Stellar. The distributed network of this company is designed to make payments and transfers between users all over the world: fast, inexpensive, with any fiat and digital currencies. A commission is charged for each operation in the Stellar system: 0.00001 XLM. It is a tiny amount, and its goal is not in making a profit,...

The remaining barriers the cryptocurrency industry must overcome to successfully disrupt the $500 billion remittances market
18.05.2018  |   MarketBlockchain

From this article of Bitnewstoday, you will learn about the prospects for the development of crypto payment services and crypto exchanges Though the crypto community has recently been abuzz with talk of the imminent disruption of the $500 billion remittance industry, there are still several barriers cryptocurrency must overcome before legacy money transfer companies begin feeling real pressure. Read about it in the article of Bitnewstoday. Improving the user experience On the whole, PayPal and...

Bill Gates criticizes Bitcoin: “Greater Fool Theory”

Bill Gates’ statements on Bitcoin and crypto-investments, a police operation in China and its possible ties with a dramatic prison break story, Japan’s FSA and its new regulations. These are just some of today’s topics. For more, watch our Morning News Report on BitnewsToday and get informed right away. Bill Gates has stated that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are "kind of a pure 'greater fool theory' type of investment". He predicts a price decline for the cryptocurrencies in the...

Singapore start-up and its “Bitcoin banknotes”

... Singapore, the world's first bitcoin-bank notes were issued. The startup Tagem introduced to the market "smart banknotes" with a chip protected from all known attacks at hardware and software levels. These banknotes can be used for physical payments with a fixed denomination of 0.01 and 0.05 bitcoins. In fact, these are self-contained cold wallets with their own private keys. The advantage of this method is its simplicity, speed, and the absence of commissions. Cons - the potential risk ...

Startups that disrupt mobile payments industry
07.05.2018  |   MarketBlockchain

... 5. Bank4YOU Bank4YOU aims to provide a cryptocurrency solution for millions of subscribers of partnering mobile network operators. The company was scaling business during their ICO as it already has thousands of pre-paid cards customers, performing payments and e-commerce in EU. Bank4YOU Group’s Mobile Money Transferring System is developed for unbanked people, urgently needing to withdraw funds in local currency via the mobile money service or mobile airtime services. Bank4YOU’s BEEFY ERC-20 ...

Reddit to reintroduce (and expand) crypto payments

... the first quarter of this year with cryptocurrencies. The company believes that a slight decrease in profits is due to many large financial organizations banning purchasing cryptocurrencies using credit cards. In addition, the volume of cross-border payments fell by 2%, which, according to Martina Hund-Mejean, the financial director of Mastercard, occurred in part "because of the reduction in the volume of crypto-wallets financing." The investment bank GP Bullhound a "mass devastation ...

Tim Clancy’s digital tokens: video game currency evolution
04.05.2018  |   NewsEthereum

... tokens in video games built on Unreal Engine. His project is called Palm and the founder views it as an experiment, while not excluding that video game developers would find even more sophisticated and optimized ways to use blockchain in video game payments in the future. Many video games today have their own in-game currency usually converted from real money and sometimes acquired through various gaming activities or achievements. Gamers can buy new character skins and weapons for them. One of ...

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