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CoinSwitch Launched a Platform for Crypto Trading with Indian Rupee
Exchanges   |   03.06.20  |  

... India, with CoinSwitch Kuber having signed up over 100,000 users during the pre-launch promotion period CoinSwitch, the worldwide aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges, has launched CoinSwitch Kuber, the Indian rupee (INR) cryptocurrency exchange mobile application, exclusively for the Indian market. The launch comes amid unprecedented demand for cryptocurrency products in India, with CoinSwitch Kuber having signed up over 100,000 users during the pre-launch promotion period, far exceeding the ...

How to Monetize Mobile Apps in 2020
Guest-posts   |   27.04.20  |  

... any cost, then how can the app developers make money out of it? Well, that’s why we have come here to make you understand by clearing your doubts. This insightful article will surely help entrepreneurs who wish to start their journey by developing mobile apps and make money by publishing free apps in the app stores. Here, you download the app from the app store, then in return, app developers who offer free apps expect payment or profit as well. So, if you are planning to develop an app and are ...

Why Your Business Needs an eCommerce Mobile App
Guest-posts   |   05.04.20  |  

To the business owners who have not diverted their business in mobile apps, this article is a must-read for you - why your business needs an eCommerce mobile app In the era of the digital world, mobile has become the most valuable and necessary gadget that you will find in everyone’s hands. The mobile has been ...

Top 5 On-Demand Mobile App Ideas For Startups In 2020
Guest-posts   |   13.03.20  |  

On-demand apps play an important role in the user's life. Here are the unique on-demand mobile app ideas for your startup that will generate great revenue. The world is inevitably changing at a lightning speed and so is the technology. In recent times, we live in an era where people want things to be done in a very quick time. We live ...

How Artificial Intelligence Will Enhance Customer Service
Artificial-intelligence   |   24.06.19  |  

... audience is not going to respond to any upselling tactics that do not speak to their specific needs. Paper spam and/or digital spam is going to cause the consumer to take their business elsewhere. Thanks to artificial intelligence and the assistance that a mobile app development company can provide, the customer relationship is totally revamped. Businesses are well past the days of assuming that their connections are strong. Artificial intelligence must be used as a means of engendering a stronger connection....