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Countries where cryptocurrencies are legal
20.06.2018  |   MarketBlockchain

Bitnewstoday asked experts in the crypto sector about countries that are friendly towards the cryptosphere, and about states trying to ban cryptocurrencies in every possible way The attitude towards cryptosphere is ambiguous all over the world. Some countries consider cryptocurrencies as a chance to raise funds and create conditions for economic growth, while others believe that cryptocurrencies can undermine the stability of the financial system and cause a crisis. Bitnewstoday asked the experts...

How to legalize profit made on cryptocurrency
29.11.2017  |   MarketMining tries to figure out in this article, how to legalize the income received from sale and purchase of cryptocurrency The legalization of revenues derived from the sale of cryptocurrency and mining is one of the most discussed issues within crypto community. considered options for ...

Global regulation of the cryptosphere: is that possible?
26.06.2018  |   MarketBlockchain

Bitnewstoday asked experts if it’s possible to create a global system of crypto sphere regulation The expert community is constantly discussing the issue of creating a global cryptosphere regulation that will help governments to control the emerging digital financial system. Crypto supporters believe that crypto community and international regulation (yes, as well as a local one) are basically incompatible things. Which side is right? Bitnewstoday tries to find out. #ARTICLE_3188# Supporters of...

Zcash cryptocurrency — one out of many, or worth drawing attention?
27.04.2018  |   MarketAltcoin

Definitely worth it: as an asset or for making secure payments Identification: ZEC. Website: Date of official presentation: October 28, 2016. Basic parameters of Zcash, description of cryptocurrency The issue of Zcash is carried out using mining. The basis of cryptocurrency is blockchain technology, implemented regardless of Bitcoin, with the use of developments of the founders. The source code is distributed under a free software license. Project page on Github . The planned total volume...

Countries where the cryptocurrencies are banned: busted for Bitcoin
25.04.2018  |   MarketBitcoin

... casualties and loss of money of ordinary citizens. Founders and co-owners of crypto projects, crypto exchanges, and even ordinary cryptocurrency holders are among the victims. The absence of a regulatory framework of the cryptocurrency leaves room for legal speculation and maneuvers. Unfortunately, it's not relevant to the countries where monarchs or religious fanatics rule. Therefore, not all the supporters of the cryptocurrency can expect loyalty and understanding. Country Buying Selling Mining Iceland ...

Boycotts, bans and downfalls: what will March 2018 be memorial for?
03.04.2018  |   MarketBlockchain

... roubles. What will be the result of the crypto experiment of Venezuelan authorities? Will tokens help to evade the sanctions regime? Time will tell, and Bitnewstoday will follow the developments. Positive news The authorities of Bermuda are planning to legalize the launch of ICO on the territory of the country. Currently, an appropriate bill is being drafted. It is assumed that this initiative will attract startups to the island. Follow the events of cryptomarket and read the latest news on the Bitnewstoday ...

How to accept payments in bitcoin: methods, difficulties, and consequences
16.02.2018  |   MarketBitcoin

... Bitnewstoday Cryptocurrency payments are gaining popularity. People want to pay in cryptocurrency, and if you know how to accept bitcoin on your website, your new payment methods will defeat competitors. Learn how to accept bitcoin with this article. Is it legal? The development of cryptocurrency legislation is close to the final phase. More and more states are speaking out their straightforward "yes" or "no" in the governing documents. To the joy of crypto community, payments in bitcoins ...

Fear of the unknown prevent the government of Ghana to accept Bitcoin
07.02.2018  |   MarketBitcoin

... Albert Boasiako, the fear of the unknown is the main reason why the government of Ghana is not willing to adopt cryptocurrency. The adoption issue has been discussed for some time with many people calling the state to find a way of considering it a legal tender. Mr. Albert Boasiako was speaking at the Ghana Blockchain Conference where he revealed the government had fears about cryptocurrency although discussions were still ongoing. He, however, requested the tech community which is already doing ...

Yet another portion of crypto-criticism by the officials

The whole world is still in great buzz regarding the cryptocurrency boom. While the market is suffering some downfall, the officials of different governments make claims about its present and future The Italian Minister of Economy joined the circle of cryptocurrencies opponents. The other day, Pierre Carlo Padoan stated that the explosion of the cryptocurrency bubble may lead to negative consequences, even for Central Banks. The problem, as he stated, was the use of cryptocurrency. "Blockchain...

The release of El Petro cryptocurrency is soon

... crypto-exchange. The registration application is still being processed at the Japan Financial Services Agency. A cryptocurrency trading platform will be available directly from the messenger. Now Line is looking for experts with experience on financial and legal fields. The company plans to become a leader in the crypto market based on the new trend.

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