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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


India hinders the adoption of new financial instruments: experts say it’s a huge step behind
04.07.2018 18:03:00  |   NewsRegulation

... search for other countries to set up their operations in. Malta is pushing to the forefront of the regulation of cryptocurrency. All big exchanges move now to Malta to get licensed. Most countries just declared so far that cryptocurrencies are not illegal; however that doesn't give you any legal certainty to operate your company, and you can not be sure that your operations will be shut down later. Malta worked out a full legal framework with authority (MDIA) regulating the crypto industry which ...

Global regulation of the cryptosphere: is that possible?
26.06.2018  |   MarketBlockchain

Bitnewstoday asked experts if it’s possible to create a global system of crypto sphere regulation The expert community is constantly discussing the issue of creating a global cryptosphere regulation that will help governments to control the emerging digital financial system. Crypto supporters believe that crypto community and international regulation (yes, as well as a local one) are basically incompatible things. Which side is right? Bitnewstoday tries to find out. Supporters of crypto believe...

Countries where cryptocurrencies are legal
20.06.2018  |   MarketBlockchain

Bitnewstoday asked experts in the crypto sector about countries that are friendly towards the cryptosphere, and about states trying to ban cryptocurrencies in every possible way The attitude towards cryptosphere is ambiguous all over the world. Some countries consider cryptocurrencies as a chance to raise funds and create conditions for economic growth, while others believe that cryptocurrencies can undermine the stability of the financial system and cause a crisis. Bitnewstoday asked the experts...

Vladimir Putin: Russia can’t have its own cryptocurrency, as well as any other country
07.06.2018  |   NewsAltcoin

... digital currency in Russia. As he said, Russia cannot issue its own cryptocurrency on the state level, as well as any other state. He has additionally reminded the Russian Central Bank position: cryptocurrencies are backed by nothing and they are not a legal tender in the Russian Federation. While telling about this restriction, Mr. Putin has made it clear that the work of the state with the sphere must be careful and cautious. He has additionally implied that digital currencies could help to “evade ...

Italy constitutes a special unit for fighting crime in the field of cryptocurrency
01.06.2018  |   NewsRegulation

... and owners of crypto-currencies as a potential target of international hackers. It is expected that in the very near future, already in June-July, a ministerial decision will be adopted, unrivaled in Europe on the rigidity of the position concerning legal operators in the sphere of bitcoin turnover and receiving legal income, as well as in regard of administrators of crypto-currencies wallets and collective portfolio. All of the above categories will be required to register in a special roster of ...

Russia to identify local crypto investors
15.05.2018  |   NewsRegulation

... 2-3 years of work experience in an investment company. Officials explain this new initiative by saying that they have to counter crypto money laundering. They are openly supported by some local bank managers. Other interviewed experts note that this legal measure has its loopholes, as someone would certainly make an official wallet compliant with the state rules and then simply open another one the existence of which would not be known to anyone. Interestingly, the reports on this theme contain info ...

Zimbabwe to ban cryptocurrency
14.05.2018  |   NewsRegulation

See why the prohibition of digital currency activities happened in the country of Zimbabwe, Southeast Africa - and how the residents of this state used Bitcoin when the coup happened The press notes that the country the fiat currency of which has become a subject for jokes has banned cryptocurrency activities. Zimbabwe’s Reserve Bank has issued a statement detailing the reasons of this decision three days ago. In this statement, officials note the volatility of cryptocurrencies, while also acknowledging...

Italian Central Bank: Bitcoin is a soap bubble suspended in the air
10.05.2018  |   NewsBitcoin

What do famous Italian economists think about Bitcoin? Check out this material made by Bitnewstoday to know and see that skeptics of Bitcoin as a financial tool or legitimate service exist in this country too A relatively critical statement about Bitcoin has been made by the general director of the main financial regulator of Italy and the respected professor of economy. "Bitcoin is a soap suspended in the air. Bitcoin, and in general all cryptocurrencies, will never be able to perform a monetary...

New leader of South Korea’s FSS: clear rules will make the crypto market less speculative
10.05.2018  |   NewsRegulation

The details about the new governor of the Financial Supervisory Service in South Korea and historical info about the regulative experience of cryptocurrency in this state - all this in the new material The new head of the regulatory agency of South Korea - Financial Supervisory Service - thinks that speculations appear amidst uncertainty. Seoul National University professor Yoon Suk-heun has made it very clear that the cryptocurrency market requires established and understandable rules. The high-ranking...

Ethereum apocalypse that didn’t happen
08.05.2018  |   NewsRegulation

Where is our Ethereum apocalypse we have been promised? Short answer is that it was fake rumors from the start, long answer with all related info and explanations is in this material The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has not had a meeting with the CFTC on Ethereum yesterday, as witnessed by multiple sources in the social media. So, I called the SEC & they said they have no clue what the fuck everyone is talking about w Ethereum. Call them for yourselves and confirm. They’re open...

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