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Chaotic Volatility: Unpredictable Trends Of 2019 - To The Moon or Not?
Forecasts   |   19.12.18  |  

If there any prerequisites telling about the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in 2019? Why mining is not going to die despite of significant loses of giants? And what may kill the cryptocurrencies? All about this you can find in the interview with director of the Australian crypto managed fund According the chaotic volatility of cryptocurrency in the current months and big expectations from the big launches like BakkT or ETF, and controversial views on mining, it’s hard to predict, what will the...

Blockchain Investment Summit, Toronto

Blockchain Impact Institute announced that it would be launching the second Blockchain Impact Summit on in Canada after the success of the first summit in Vancouver. Keynote speakers announced. Following a successful inaugural Blockchain Impact Summit 2018 in Vancouver, the Blockchain Impact Investment Summit 2018 in Toronto will be held on September 28, 2018 at the Toronto Hilton. The summit will feature seven keynote speakers, including Jos Schmitt, CEO of NEO, Canada’s next generation stock...