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NVT Ratio: How Much Is Your Bitcoin Really Worth
Cryptocurrencies   |   16.11.18  |   3362

How to determine the real value of the cryptocurrency and understand whether it is overrated or not? How to buy it at the lows and sell it at the highs? Analysts have an answer Recently, we touched upon the topic of crypto trading , where our experts, who trade digital assets themselves, noted the importance of an analytical approach in making trading decisions. It is the market analysis that can give you an opportunity to make profits at maximum or not to lose, but try your hand in trading at...

I'll Become A Billionaire! Absof$ckinglutely… TOON #14
Ico   |   14.11.18  |   4486

... celebrity names in promoting consumer goods and services. But it’s not so simple with the financial market. One can throw away a bottle of untasty coke promoted by their favourite actor and forget about it forever. Obviously, it’s not the same with investments ( read more ) No ICO Needed: Real Business Starts To Launch Blockchain Startups During the first three quarters of 2018, ICO projects managed to attract $13.9 bln of investments , which is by $10 bln more or 263% higher than the total volume ...

Blockchain Investment Summit, Toronto

Blockchain Impact Institute announced that it would be launching the second Blockchain Impact Summit on in Canada after the success of the first summit in Vancouver. Keynote speakers announced. Following a successful inaugural Blockchain Impact Summit 2018 in Vancouver, the Blockchain Impact Investment Summit 2018 in Toronto will be held on September 28, 2018 at the Toronto Hilton. The summit will feature seven keynote speakers, including Jos Schmitt, CEO of NEO, Canada’s next generation stock...