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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Derivatives: Will Institutional Investors Put The Digital Market in A Debt Hole
20.09.2018 11:53:00  |   NewsBitcoin

... performed by Depository Trust & Clearing Corp (DTCC), which as an intermediary carries out payments on Wall Street. The corporation's involvement in this project will undoubtedly contribute to the DAR popularity since investors will be able to track their investments in the system they are accustomed to. Despite a long bearish trend financial institutions are actively developing new financial derivatives with digital currencies and Citigroup is not the only one. Chicago stock exchanges CME and CBOE launched ...

Blockchain Investment Summit, Toronto

Blockchain Impact Institute announced that it would be launching the second Blockchain Impact Summit on in Canada after the success of the first summit in Vancouver. Keynote speakers announced. Following a successful inaugural Blockchain Impact Summit 2018 in Vancouver, the Blockchain Impact Investment Summit 2018 in Toronto will be held on September 28, 2018 at the Toronto Hilton. The summit will feature seven keynote speakers, including Jos Schmitt, CEO of NEO, Canada’s next generation stock...

How to pitch for investors
16.07.2018 18:42:00  |   MarketIco

Every team wants to establish the straight connections with investors. I have been moderating one of the most significant Russia ICO Shows at WBS at 26th of April and at WBCSummit at 20th of may ICO pitches are popular. Every team wants to establish the straight connections with investors. I have been moderating one of the most significant Russia ICO Shows at World Blockchain summit at 26th of April and at WBCSummit at 20th of may. There were 38 ICOs in total, and I had a chance to observe the...

The largest Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo entered the capital of the start-up Oval Money
29.06.2018  |   NewsExchange

One of the largest banks in Italy invests in fintech start-up developing an application that allows not only to save but also to invest money. Learn more information in the article of Bitnewstoday Bank Intesa Sanpaolo entered the capital of the start-up Oval Money, acquiring a minority quota through its venture capital fund. The operation was performed through operation unit of Neva Finventures, which deals with the investment of venture capital. The start-up of Oval Money in the fintech sphere...

Volatility doesn’t matter: Andreessen Horowitz invests $300 million in crypto fund
26.06.2018  |   NewsExchange

Learn why the news on the venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz matters and how this event resembles the older news about the investments of the Japanese GMO hardware firm and the following results The venture capital company called Andreessen Horowitz has invested $300 million in a fund with relation to the cryptocurrency market, the financial media reports. The initiative ...

Lithuanian regulator exec: ICO investors from Russia are ‘not in line with our national interests’
26.06.2018  |   NewsRegulation

... economy’ as anything good. “We are constantly reminding everyone about the risks … ‘I don’t want to see 70 percent of your investors in your ICO coming from Russia’’, Jurgilas told. In conclusion, the regulatory executive told that Russian investments were ‘not in line’ with his country’s national interests. Such an unwelcoming approach might be explained by the economic events reported in the financial media and not related to cryptocurrency: the regular bank called Snoras has dramatically ...

How the winners live: crypto billionaire told reporters about new futuristic office
25.06.2018  |   NewsBitcoin

A perfect illustration of dreams of those who are late to the crypto party - big amounts of money, luxurious lifestyle and daring purchase plans. All this recently became known to the press after an interesting excursion Crypto billionaires have become an economic phenomenon quite recently - those people have invested in Bitcoin or Ethereum at early stages and sold at bigger prices several years later. One of them is Anthony Di Iorio owning a blockchain firm Decentral, and the office he plans...

Jack Dorsey’s Square grows amidst BitLicense obtaining
19.06.2018  |   NewsExchange

This material tells about the probable economic factor which has accelerated the growth of Square Inc. Read to find out what BitLicense is and what Jack Dorsey, Twitter and Square CEO, thinks about Bitcoin According to Bloomberg, Square Inc. shares are now growing thanks to the initiatives of this financial payments enterprise towards Bitcoin trading. Recently, Square has obtained a BitLicense from the New York state authorities – this is usually quite an obstacle for digital currency companies...

Russian banks to offer cryptocurrency investment portfolios
18.06.2018  |   NewsExchange

See which establishments have agreed to cooperate on crypto investment portfolios and what it means for the local market. Read about an unexpected partner responsible for technical implementation of the initiative Russia’s Sberbank and Alfa Bank will cooperate with AddCapital to issue a new means of investment for private customers, as can be seen from the recent reports in the local media. Such a portfolio will contain shares of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. The representatives...

Press: Japanese village to hold its own ICO
18.06.2018  |   NewsExchange

Learn what region of Japan wants to have its own initial coin offering, why it needs it and who confirms this information (also why ICO announcements sometimes need verification) The Japanese village of Nishiawakura (Okayama Prefecture) is going to hold its own ICO, as reported by the digital currency-focused media outlets citing the official announcement. This populated area has refused to become a part of the neighbouring city in the past, it has also inserted the narrative about self-sustainability...

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