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How to pitch for investors
16.07.2018  |   MarketIco

Every team wants to establish the straight connections with investors. I have been moderating one of the most significant Russia ICO Shows at WBS at 26th of April and at WBCSummit at 20th of may ICO pitches are popular. Every team wants to establish the straight connections with investors. I have been moderating one of the most significant Russia ICO Shows at World Blockchain summit at 26th of April and at WBCSummit at 20th of may. There were 38 ICOs in total, and I had a chance to observe the...

Miners, hackers and investors: weekly review
09.06.2018  |   MarketBitcoin

... turn, is planning to open a new exchange in San Francisco, as it became known on Friday. The aggressive expansion is directly mentioned in the announcement of this Singapore-based platform. #ARTICLE_3080# The classic assets management giant Fidelity Investments has been seen in the rumors about its own crypto brokerage platform, they have not been confirmed by official representatives, although look logical considering the positive attitude of the corporate leader towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain....

Bitcoin — a resource or a scam? The investing experience of an Italian journalist from RAI
08.06.2018  |   MarketBitcoin

Is it worth considering investing in Bitcoin as a reliable source of income, or is it a risky game for gambling people? Italian State TV shares the results of a journalistic investigation One of the leading and most popular programs specializing in investigative journalism of the Italian Public Television RAI, REPORT, asked the question: "What is Bitcoin: a resource or a scam?". The journalist of the program pretended to be taken over FOMO (the fear of missing out) syndrome and tried...

Weekly review of the cryptomarket: unfulfilled hopes
14.05.2018  |   MarketAltcoin

... authorities of the financial market. One of the world's largest investors, Warren Buffett called the foremost cryptocurrency “a rat poison squared”. Let’s remember, that earlier Buffett predicted the collapse of the cryptocurrency market and called investments in BTC “a gamble”. According to another influential expert, Bill Gates, cryptocurrency is the most speculative thing in the world. Gates sees no reason why the cost of bitcoin should grow, as the coins are not assets. Also, the cost of ...

Top-5 mistakes that definitely lead to the failure of ICO
02.04.2018  |   MarketIco

It's good when you learn from somebody’s mistakes. Bitnewstoday collected all the mistakes of ICO-projects, which can be fatal Most startups believe that ICO is a straightforward tool which can attract huge investments within a minimum of effort. However, this is not the case. Yes, ICO is simpler than IPO regarding the fundraising process and the legal registration of transactions. Anyway, you will have to work for tokens deployment. Bitnewstoday highlights ...

99% of all Bitcoins are stored in 1% of wallets
30.03.2018  |   MarketBitcoin

There is a widespread belief, that more than 99% of all bitcoins are stored in 1% of wallets. But is this true? Business magazines like Forbes regularly publish a list of the world's richest people. But the classic lists of billionaires don’t include those who have made their fortune from cryptocurrency. Who are they? How much currency do they have? Find it out with Bitnewstoday. Cryptocurrency arithmetic It is not always easy to assess the fortune of the world's largest billionaires. Their money...

Review of ICO: projects that received the high trust from investors
28.03.2018  |   MarketIco

Bitnewstoday gives an overview of projects that launched ICO in January and March 2018 In January and March 2018, investors placed more than $10 billion into ICO projects. They have believed in the ideas of more than six hundred startups. Which projects managed to collect the most funds? Read the review of Bitnewstoday. Statistics According to ICO-trackers, about 630 projects completed the initial coin offering in January and March 2018. In total, about $10.5 billion was raised in the framework...

Profitable altcoins for “luck hunters”
05.03.2018  |   MarketAltcoin

Bitnewstoday asked the experts about altcoins price prediction. We have talked about how will the altcoins quantity change with time and which of the existing coins will remain, why altcoins fall and when the hype around crypto industry will calm down More than 1500 of coins, 900 of which are altcoins and the rest are tokens , are represented at cryptocurrency exchanges nowadays. Unbelievable hype together with the news about yesterday ordinary programmers becoming millionaires, attract more and...

Want to raise millions for ICO - get ready for high expenses
01.03.2018  |   MarketIco

... attraction and they received 37% and 27% respectively. It is worth noting that the majority of ICO sphere representatives that took part in the poll are sure that engagement of a high-level expert into the team improves the chances to attract strong investments. Thus, for example, Felipe Vorobey , CMO Blackmoon, believes that the efficiency of funds raising within ICO in 60% depends on the presence of the crypto world “star” in the team. However, the majority of experts that took part in the ...

Is it worth buying bitcoin now?
09.02.2018  |   MarketBitcoin

... short-term game - more beneficial conditions should appear in the nearest months or maybe even weeks”. The decision to invest or not to invest in bitcoin must also depend on the investment goals. Thus, if investor aims to capitalize on short-term investments, to turn the funds into fiat, then this idea is better be postponed till the global trends will change from falling to rising. But if gaining profit from speculations is not your plan, you can buy bitcoins now and make a long-term investment....

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