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Cryptocurrency can be banned only if the Internet is switched off on the whole planet
20.10.2017 18:40:00  |   How-to-startGuides

... prohibitive measures are the most common decision. What can be done to make this process decentralized? Nothing States around the world are losing control of the miners, can they do something if the number of cryptocurrencies is growing every day? Cryptocurrency is an encrypted code, which results in creation of a virtual coin. It is opposed to the problems of the existing financial system. It has a limited emission, it can not be counterfeited, it is completely anonymous, besides more recently ...

Where to find cryptocurrency exchange rates and how to analyze them?
25.08.2017 15:33:00  |   How-to-startGuides

In cryptocurrency history there were many ups and downs. There were months when prices remained motionless and periods of rapid growth. But despite uncertain future, the number of transactions and market capitalization continues to grow. We will explore ...

Mining the cryptocurrency. How it works
17.08.2017 16:20:00  |   How-to-startGuides

Mining is the process of obtaining cryptocurrency in the virtual space Mining is the process of obtaining cryptocurrency in the virtual space. In a real life, to get money, you need to do some kind of a transaction and get paid for it. In the Internet, to receive coins of cryptocurrency,...

What is a Mining Farm and how it works
27.03.2018  |   How-to-startGuides

Bitnewstoday decided to study the principle of work of mining farms and analyze the basic tools to start mining One of the best and legitimate ways to make money with Bitcoins is to mine them. Bitcoin miners earn 12.5 Bitcoins every time they complete one block. Of course, early adopters are the most prominent winners. Before June 2016, Bitcoin mining attracted 25 Bitcoins for completing a single block. Before 2012, miners earned 50 Bitcoins. Today, setting up a mining farm is a little bit complicated...

What is ICO
17.08.2017 16:15:00  |   How-to-startGuides

In fact, nowadays ICO is the transfer of a certain amount of new coins in exchange for the relevant amount of bitcoins, ether or another type of cryptocurrency that have a high rate and demand ICO (initial coin offering) – a term adopted in crypto-economics, formed around the emission of new cryptocurrencies. The speed of development of the virtual coin offering is high, so the cases of initial ...

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies: a quick tutorial
17.08.2017 15:50:00  |   How-to-startGuides

... of information about financial transactions, legal obligations, rights, is securely protected, although it isn’t hidden. But there’s no need to conceal the data — any attempt to use them for corrupt purposes will lead to colossal costs. What is cryptocurrency in common understanding Due to the described development of Internet technologies, the use of the term "blockchain" is increasingly associated with the concept of "cryptocurrency". It is a virtual means of payment,...

Is there a need for new cryptocurrencies to be created?
24.04.2018  |   Opinion

Why are there so many cryptocurrencies? Do they all make a useful contribution to market and society? What’s the future of cryptocurrencies? Find it out in the article of Bitnewstoday The world has caught cryptocurrency fever. The number of new blockchain projects has exploded over the past year, with new ones popping up seemingly every week. However, that begs the question, exactly how many of these projects do we really need? Some currencies have come ...

Russian miners put in pledge 2-3 coins in the cryptolombard
14.02.2018  |   Opinion

A guest of Bitnewstoday is a founder of a microloans company which offers loans secured by the pledge of cryptocurrency. In the cryptolombard for one bitcoin is paid 50% of a price with real money, an interest rate is quite low, co-founders believe that blockchain has a big future and do not worry about rate collapses In the world there are just 2 cryptolombards ...

What cryptocurrencies are the most popular today and what will be the most promising in the future?
20.10.2017  |   Opinion

Will blockchain and cryptocurrency become a threat to the traditional financial market or new technologies are the future? What cryptocurrencies are the most popular today and what will be the most promising in the future? Bitcoin is the most popular, most expensive and ...

A house of cards: mysteries of cryptocurrency cards
21.06.2018  |   MarketTechnology

Bitnewstoday reveals the secrets of cryptocurrency cards for our readers. What advantages do they have over traditional cards and whether it is worth getting them, read in our article Prospectivity, multifunctionality, decentralization — one can list the benefits of cryptocurrency in ...

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