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Digital Economy:
What will the global market get


Dogecoin. To buy or to throw? Fundamental and technical analysis
12.09.2018 16:13:00  |   NewsAltcoin

Within the last 10 days, price of the cryptocurrency grew up to 272%. We are starting to receive questions like: what should we do, should we sale or buy? We decided to solve those questions and came up with an analysis. Dogecoin - Litecoin fork, became popular because of coin "participation" ...

U.S. and Korean Government Officials to Speak at Block Seoul Conference

... address on elevating the success of small businesses. James Clapper will speak about the future of technology and the latest advancements in cybersecurity. Dr. Hajin Jhun will participate in the discussion “Why Regulation is Central to the Future of Cryptocurrency?” This brilliant line-up of speakers can only be found at Block Seoul. All this combined with groundbreaking entertainment, fine dining and art experiences, all while connecting investors and innovators, is what makes Block Seoul stand ...

Asset Backed Crypto Summit, Lisbon

... on the rise. Over a thousand attendees are expected to be present at ABC summit, including 500+ investors, 40 companies from more than 25 countries, and exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge blockchain products and services ranging in application from cryptocurrency to the real estate market. The informative event will keep attendees on their toes with presentations from more than 15 speakers, panel discussions, educational seminars, industry addresses, networking events, exhibits and more. Keynote ...

Trending Trinity Weekly, 13-17 Of August
18.08.2018 14:13:00  |   NewsBitcoin

... #2 - Virtual Currency In France Have The Same Rights As Pets The second-best material of the week is dedicated to different approaches that governments use to determine the status of the сryptocurrencies. French State Council, for example, equated cryptocurrency with movable property. Check the article by Oleg Koldaev, Catherine Lange and learn how other countries deal with digital assets. 4600+ views this week and more is yet to come! #3 - Northern Korea: How Kim Jong-un' Hackers Confront UN ...

India becomes an epic battleground for the USA and China. Again. For crypto market now
02.08.2018 15:12:00  |   NewsRegulation

... digital industry in the Indian market is due to several factors. The second largest country on the planet (1.3 billion people) is in short supply. The real economy and the financial system are not keeping pace with explosive growth of the population. The cryptocurrency is trying to fill this economic gap. At the same time, a relatively high level of education (72.2% of the country's population) creates a huge pool of users of modern digital technologies. As a comparison, in neighboring Pakistan, it barely ...

Salary in the cryptocurrency: hello, "gray zone"!
31.07.2018 18:32:00  |   MarketBitcoin

You can spend the cryptocurrency in Russia, but you can not earn it legally. According to the survey of SuperJob, only 2% of Russians are ready to receive salaries in the cryptocurrency , 8% agree to receive only a part of it, but 75% of respondents are categorically ...

Halal + bitcoin = WOW! Virtual money is spreading within the society
18.07.2018 14:02:00  |   MarketBlockchain

... Foundation fund a Shariyah Review Board license (the product fits the islamic standards) The tradition and modernity are not always dreadful antagonists. For instance, the Bahrain shariah issued Stellar Development Foundation fund, the developer of Lumen cryptocurrency system, a Shariyah Review Board license (the product fits the Islamic standards). Cooperation of Muslim theology and modern information technology is not that simple. Shariah Review Bureau (SRB), a reputable global consulting company, ...

India hinders the adoption of new financial instruments: experts say it’s a huge step behind
04.07.2018 18:03:00  |   NewsRegulation

... Chairman at IDACB Malta and COO Globiance: “That Asia’s third-largest Crypto economy is shut out from trading means that Indian ICOs will search for other countries to set up their operations in. Malta is pushing to the forefront of the regulation of cryptocurrency. All big exchanges move now to Malta to get licensed. Most countries just declared so far that cryptocurrencies are not illegal; however that doesn't give you any legal certainty to operate your company, and you can not be sure that your ...

Cryptocurrencies: fastest transactions. What is already done?
27.06.2018  |   MarketTechnology

... digital coin transactions. We will consider the factors that influence these parameters, as well as the measures taken by developers and solutions offered by competitors Almost nobody paid attention to the speed of transactions, while the popularity of cryptocurrency did not grow to such an extent that networks of the oldest and most respected projects were no longer able to cope with the flow of operations. Users had waited for confirmation of transactions for several days, while the commission value ...

Global regulation of the cryptosphere: is that possible?
26.06.2018  |   MarketBlockchain

... the sessions will be devoted to cryptocurrencies. However, the global structure, which will act like "a guard dog" of the industry, is unlikely to be created, according to the expert. “At the upcoming G20 summit, there will be sessions on cryptocurrency, out of which I would not be surprised if more formal guidance eventually emerges. I do not believe there will be a worldwide framework or regulatory body set up to act as a watchdog of the industry; it is more likely to remain a country ...

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