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Ethereum reaches $500
13.04.2018  |   NewsEthereum

The second most popular cryptocurrency demonstrates its growth following the growth of the rivaling Bitcoin. See more about the recent price motion of ETH in this new material by Bitnewstoday The quicker Bitcoin grows, the quicker his rivals grow, as witnessed several times before. In this case nothing is different - Ethereum has regained it $500 level previously achieved in December 2017, one of the most bullish months in history of cryptocurrencies by far. As shown on Coinmarketcap stats, it...

Space velocity: Bitcoin and market cap experiencing biggest growth since December
12.04.2018  |   NewsBitcoin

Bitcoin is growing fast during the International Space Day, and the media is already joking about the popular “to the moon” meme. Let’s see which economic observers were right and what others are telling today Bitcoin’s meteoric rise has become the subject of the media once again. At the press time, Coinmarketcap shows $7,796.25 (+13.75%). The capitalization of the market has become bigger than $300 billion. Image courtesy of Bloomberg The likelihood of this growth has been predicted by several...

Rockefeller's Venrock to partner with Coinfund
09.04.2018  |   NewsExchange

Yet another company of the fabulously rich magnate has decided to engage with the market of cryptocurrency. See the key facts about this new partnership in the report by Bitnewstoday Venrock, a vast company created by the Rockefeller family, has agreed to invest in Coinfund, the media reports citing a trustworthy business outlet. The messages have not been refuted over the weekend. The press has received comments from the partner of Venrock who has confirmed the news and told about what motivates...

Spanish authorities ask for personal data archives of 60 companies as part of cryptocurrency AML policy
06.04.2018  |   NewsRegulation

In this material one can read the report regarding the recent announcement of the Spanish governmental bodies about the personal data from over 50 companies which had relations with crypto traders Through the last six months, there was not much news from Spain regarding the local digital currency market. The situation has changed today when a source in the government has directly confirmed the newest measures to CoinDesk. The basic gist of these measures: sixty local companies (and more than ten...

April Fools: Vitalik Buterin actually joked about limiting Ethereum supply
03.04.2018  |   NewsEthereum

Like many other news agencies, Bitnewstoday thought that the proposal was real, but Buterin outsmarted the public. He does not exclude the limitation in case the community really wants, though “Note that the date of the proposal is April 1 - April Fools’ Day, but it seems serious and reasonable,” wrote Bitnewstoday in a message regarding the proposal of Vitalik Buterin to limit the coin supply of his creation - cryptocurrency called Ethereum. Well, it turns out that the prank of Vitalik Buterin...

Boeing might have been attacked with virus similar to WannaCry
29.03.2018  |   NewsTechnology

The company famous for its civil aircraft is claiming that the attack has been exaggerated by the media outlets and overall this was not the case for concern. Read what the media claims instead Boeing, a company the airplanes of which are used in airlines throughout the whole world, might have experienced a serious catastrophe because of a virus resembling WannaCry. If this fact cited by the media is correct, this means that some hackers have blocked computers of a major company demanding cryptocurrency...

Twitter confirms some ICOs ad prohibition
27.03.2018  |   NewsTechnology

Find out below what the chief executive of the company previously said about digital currencies and how this measure is being commented by other high-ranking employees of the popular social network Twitter company representatives confirm the previous rumors which indicated that cryptocurrency-related ads will no longer be welcome on this platform. The major difference between the initial rumors and what the managers said, however, is that the official statements mention cases when ads will actually...

G20 and cryptocurrency: participants’ opinions
21.03.2018  |   NewsRegulation

One of the central banks’ delegates at G20 crypto talks called this event a ‘lively’ discussion. See her opinion below and find out when G20 will start to come up with recommendations on state regulation Cryptocurrency discussions at G20 have been interesting and lively, tells the Russian financial media citing the First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The delegates, according to the First Deputy Chair, agreed that digital currencies are less effective than fiat...

Russian State Duma sees new draft law on digital assets
20.03.2018  |   NewsRegulation

See the differences between the draft law of 25 January 2018 and the draft law first seen today in this new material on Russian digital currency market regulation made by Bitnewstoday A new draft law has been registered within the framework of the Russian State Duma (the country’s parliament lower assembly). If implemented, the law will allow the exchange of digital tokens to Russian rubles and other regular currencies by using a wallet service which complies with the local laws on organized trading...

Russia’s Central Bank to decide whether crypto trading acceptable or not
19.03.2018  |   NewsRegulation

Russian FinMin and Central Bank agreed: cryptocoin trading will be either allowed or prohibited by the latter, not the former. See the details on Russian upcoming digital currency legislation below Alexei Moiseev, deputy head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, has told the journalists from the regional press that the final word about the issue of the legal status of digital currency trading belongs to the Central Bank. Apparently, the Ministry has decided to cede this issue...

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