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Facebook gives green light to cryptocurrency ads again, but ICOs still prohibited
27.06.2018  |   NewsRegulation

Back to senses: Facebook lifts its recently-imposed cryptocurrency ad ban while still upholding the prohibition of initial coin offerings or ICOs. Learn if anyone was ready for this turn of events in this material Facebook has decided to lift the prohibition on cryptocurrency-themed ads in the social network, the news is now being shared throughout various financial media outlets. Note that binary options and initial coin offerings (ICOs) are still forbidden. Commenting the news, Rob Leathern...

Jack Ma: Bitcoin ‘could be a bubble’
25.06.2018  |   NewsBitcoin

One of the most famous and influential businessmen of our time has expressed his opinion on Bitcoin and blockchain today. Learn what he thinks in the new material and who else prefers the same approach Alibaba marketplace co-founder and CEO Ma Yun, more known as Jack Ma, has expressed his views about Bitcoin. He supports the technology, but clearly suspicious towards the phenomenon of a decentralized digital currency and especially its volatile nature. “Blockchain technology could change our world...

Bithumb hacked — approximately $30M stolen and withdrawals now halted
20.06.2018  |   NewsExchange

In this urgent material, one can find out the key facts about the hack of yet another digital currency exchange, compare it with other recent similar cases and see basic explanations on what it all means for the market Bithumb has been hacked, both the cryptocurrency and fiat finance outlets report. According to the observers, the hack was successful with an estimated sum of $30M funds stolen. The exchange has confirmed the news and stated that now it’s moving all assets to cold storages - or hardware...

SEC Corporate Finance head William Hinman: Bitcoin and Ethereum not securities
15.06.2018  |   NewsRegulation

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission thinks that sometimes cryptocurrencies can be so decentralized there is no point in calling them securities anymore. This is quite good news for both Bitcoin and Ethereum The U.S. SEC’s Director of Corporate Finance William Hinman has announced that Bitcoin and Ethereum would not be viewed as securities, which is a major step forward for the legal status of the latter cryptocurrency. #ARTICLE_2667# While there have already been some indications that...

Vladimir Putin: Russia can’t have its own cryptocurrency, as well as any other country
07.06.2018  |   NewsAltcoin

See what the Russian President said about state-issued digital currencies on the question-and-answer session called Direct Line today, as well as the background on the crypto sphere in Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin has answered to an inquiry regarding the potential state digital currency in Russia. As he said, Russia cannot issue its own cryptocurrency on the state level, as well as any other state. He has additionally reminded the Russian Central Bank position: cryptocurrencies are...

Russian laws on digital assets, crowdfunding and digital rights adopted
22.05.2018  |   NewsRegulation

See the details about these draft bills which are now in effect in the Russian Federation and what the laws’ adoption means for the market of digital currency in this country, as well as first notes regarding the event The Russian draft law on digital financial assets no. 419059-7 has been adopted on first State Duma reading, as reported by the social media of the Russian Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association (RACIB). The screens of the voting system demonstrated by the RACIB tell that the...

Russian official: under new laws, it’ll be OK to work with crypto market
21.05.2018  |   NewsRegulation

See what Anatoly Aksakov who heads the Russian Federation State Duma Financial Market Committee has stated yesterday at a conference dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies The World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit 2018 has seen an important speaker - Anatoly Aksakov, head of the Russian State Duma Financial Market Committee. The official has made an update on three crypto draft bills. Tomorrow (Tuesday, 22 May 2018) there will be the readings of these bills, one of them being on digital...

HTC to introduce Exodus - its own blockchain phone
16.05.2018  |   NewsBlockchain

See the main and the most obvious advantage of the newly-announced smartphone product by the tech giant HTC over the creations of Sirin Labs such as FINNEY which Bitnewstoday has already described HTC will develop a new smartphone which is connected to virtual reality developers of the same company and will support blockchain technologies, TNW reports. This smartphone will be called Exodus. Former lead developer of the popular HTC Vive VR headset Phil Chen will likely oversee the process, as he...

Reports: Facebook to issue its own cryptocurrency
14.05.2018  |   NewsAltcoin

The large social media website plans to develop its own cryptocurrency, sources of the media tell. See who’s in charge of the process and other details on the new corporate altcoin in the new material “They’re very serious” - told the journalist from Cheddar on Friday last week about the plans of Facebook to launch its own cryptocurrency. This reporter has cited the unspecified source familiar with the plans of the vast social network. The source, in turn, tells that this hypothetical token could...

Ethereum futures launched by Crypto Facilities in the UK
14.05.2018  |   NewsEthereum

See how the recent launch of Ethereum futures affected the price of this popular altcoin and if it is too premature to talk about Ethereum price dynamics in connection with the news Crypto Facilities, an exchange platform in the United Kingdom, has launched Ethereum futures - contracts for a future price of the second most popular digital currency as of today. The Friday move might have been the reason of the recent growth of ETH from $680 yesterday to current $733 (effectively ending the weekend...

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