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Polish Banking Giant Alior Uses Ethereum Blockchain In Services
Innovations   |   18.06.19  |  

According to the statement, the financial company has taken a bold step, using the public Ethereum blockchain to authenticate documents Polish banking giant Alior announced the implementation of the blockchain in one of its services, Forbes reports. According to the statement, the financial company took a bold step using the Ethereum public blockchain to authenticate documents, which largely contradicts the bank’s traditional notion of maintaining private ledgers. Alior’s Blockchain Strategy Lead...

Kodak To Launch a Blockchain-based Document Management System
Innovations   |   07.06.19  |  

Unlike previous projects, the Kodak Document Management Platform is not licensed by a third party and is a Kodak product Kodak’s pivot to the blockchain is obvious as the camera brand announced its new blockchain-based document management system. Unlike previous Kodak-related blockchain announcements, the new Kodak Document Management Platform is not under license to a third-party and is an actual Kodak product. The platform is launched under the name Kodak Services for Business and is intended...

Notary and blockchain — the perfect combination?
Blockchain   |   06.06.19  |  

The use of DLT technology in notarial services seems to be one of the most obvious applications. However, these services have not been widespread yet The use of distributed ledger technology in notarial activity seems to be one of the most obvious applications. The blockchain allows keeping records in such a way that they cannot be edited or deleted. It does not require the liability of a third party — an intermediary, a person you need to trust. However, these services have not been widespread...

Walmart Joins MediLedger Consortium To Implement Blockchain In Pharma Supplies
Innovations   |   03.06.19  |  

This is a new step from Walmart to the inclusion of blockchain technologies in its business processes The US retail giant Walmart has joined MediLedger, a consortium developing a blockchain for tracking the provenance of pharmaceuticals. “Health and wellness” category accounted for $35 bln of Walmart’s U.S. sales in the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, or 10% of the total, according to the company’s annual report. This is a new step from Walmart to the implementation of blockchain technologies in its...

Centralized Blockchain Is a Risk for Further Development
Blockchain   |   29.05.19  |  

Along with the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, experts and private investors have begun to wonder about the level of decentralization of the blockchains launched and developed Along with the growth of the cryptocurrency industry and the emergence of a huge number of projects, specialists and common private investors have begun to wonder about the level of decentralization of the launched blockchains. Thus, a number of experts expressed their concerns about the centralization of some major...

Web 3.0: Browsers With Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies
Blockchain   |   27.05.19  |  

Decentralized Internet is a huge ecosystem. In this article we will speak about one of the solutions for web 3.0 — about browsers with blockchain and cryptocurrencies support In blockchain technology, everything is more or less connected with the idea of decentralization as well as the creation of ecosystems, where you can trust them your important and private data. Since people are prone not to trust each other, they created special institutions in order to eliminate that weak link — the need...

Honda and GM Research Electric Vehicle And Smart Grid Interoperability With The Use Of Blockchain
Innovations   |   21.05.19  |  

It is assumed that this development will allow owners of electric vehicles to earn money for storing energy in car batteries and sharing it with the grid The global automobile manufacturers Honda and GM are performing a joint research on electric vehicle and smart grid interoperability with the implementation of blockchain, Japanese news outlet Nikkei reports . Honda and GM collaboration is aimed at developing data retrieval methods between electric vehicles and smart grids, which will purportedly...

How Blockchain is Changing Digital Marketing
Blockchain   |   13.05.19  |  

Consumers and marketers are yearning for private and confidential transactions — that’s where blockchain comes in. It could revolutionize the system by acting as a regulator 88% of marketers use data obtained by third parties to enhance their understanding of their customers base according to Forbes. Every time a person uses the Internet, their information is saved and stored so marketers can use it later. Consumers have been getting more and more annoyed with how little control they have and how...

Cisco: 10% of Global GDP Will Be Stored In Blockchains By 2027
Forecasts   |   10.05.19  |  

The International technology conglomerate has published a report on the development of the blockchain technology and on how it is transforming the business, and the future of the industry Different specialists, from financiers to software developers, discuss the future of blockchain technologies and their impact on the global economy. Very often these are just fantasies and nothing more, and that is quite comparable with the unviability of those overhyped cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects...

Domino’s Pizza And SingularityNET Join Forces To Develop AI
Innovations   |   03.05.19  |  

The partnership will allow SingularityNET and AI researchers to create algorithms and solutions on the recently launched SingularityNET Beta platform, based on Domino’s input data SingularityNET, a blockchain powered platform for the AI economy, announced a partnership with Domino’s Pizza in Malaysia & Singapore. Such development will enable SingularityNET’s decentralized community and AI researchers to build algorithms and solutions, leveraging the recently launched SingularityNET Beta platform...

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