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6 million BTC lost forever or stolen. Jameson Lopp: what is the real bitcoin price?

Jameson Lopp, the former Senior Engineer at BitGo said that about 4 million bitcoins are lost forever and cannot be traced on the blockchain network and 2 million BTC are stolen, which account for 28 % of the total amount. This statement was made at the Building-on-Bitcoin conference in Lisbon. Thus, approximately 6 million coins ...

What is a Mining Farm and how it works
27.03.2018  |   How-to-startGuides

Bitnewstoday decided to study the principle of work of mining farms and analyze the basic tools to start mining One of the best and legitimate ways to make money with Bitcoins is to mine them. Bitcoin miners earn 12.5 Bitcoins every time they complete one block. Of course, early adopters are the most prominent winners. Before June 2016, Bitcoin mining attracted 25 Bitcoins for completing a single block. Before 2012,...

What is Bitcoin exchange. Monitoring rates and charts
03.11.2017  |   How-to-startGuides

Bitcoin is a hot-button topic nowadays and even common users start considering cryptocurrency as an investment. Start tracking current bitcoin exchange rates — just follow the methods Bitcoin has shown the world an opportunity to develop a whole new ...

What is bitcoin faucet
01.11.2017  |   How-to-startGuides

There are different ways of earning cryptocurrency, and “bitcoin faucet” is one of them. Probably, you’ve heard something about it. Here is the definition of the term and the process which takes place One of the unique features of cryptocurrencies is the opportunity to earn free on the Internet. Of course,...

How to get bitcoins automatically. Faucet bots, trader bots, software
31.10.2017  |   How-to-startGuides

Want to get more free bitcoins daily? Improve your activity at the bitcoin faucets and start considering stock trading with cryptocurrency automatic trading bots. Learn how to make your income grow faster Money makers sometimes sink into a depression because of time spent ...

Purchase and sale of cryptocurrency (bitcoin)
30.10.2017  |   How-to-startGuides

... financial instruments. Working with title units is reduced to initiating certain operations in different services. The result of the transaction is the crediting (writing off) of funds or change in the balance of the account. Where to buy cryptocurrency (bitcoin) You can buy bitcoins or other similar electronic currency in several ways. Each action related to cryptocurrency is characterized by differences in the mechanism of processing operations, taking into account such parameters as security, speed ...

Is it normal to name a wallet after your pet?
12.10.2017 09:39:00  |   How-to-startGuides

Which crypto wallet you should choose? What is better for payments, trading on stock exchanges or keeping your cryptocurrency safe? Where to store bitcoin wallet? Ten years have passed since bitcoin was created, but hackers still continue to hack digital wallets and crypto exchanges. The most advanced hackers can even bypass two-factor authentication. How to secure your coins, keep your cryptocurrency ...

Bitcoin forecasts. What has come true?
05.09.2017 14:59:00  |   How-to-startGuides

From the very beginning, bitcoin attracted analysts and different points of view and forecasts emerged. There were certain essential checkpoints in the history of cryptocurrency. Let’s take a look at the short retrospective The beginning of bitcoin history was laid in 2008 ...

How to get into bitcoin mining
05.09.2017 14:00:00  |   How-to-startGuides

Mining is the most popular way to get bitcoins nowadays. What is this method like? What are pros and cons of mining? Let’s learn it from this article It’s 2017 out there, and you should always remember one important point – becoming a bitcoin single miner is absolutely useless. To ...

Mining the cryptocurrency. How it works
17.08.2017 16:20:00  |   How-to-startGuides

... used to encode information about the next issue of coins and since mining is a competitive process ( first calculated – first received coins), then you need to increase the capacity of equipment for calculation. The most difficult thing is to mine bitcoins – and for this purpose, both new technologies of calculation and equipment are being developed. But there are other cryptocurrencies which are much easier to get, but their cost is not so great as that of bitcoins – they are less demanded....

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