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From managers to miners: is it possible to mine for a comfortable retirement?
19.09.2017 17:05:00  |   How-to-startGuides

Those who are not longer afraid of cryptocurrencies and bitcoins can dig even deeper – let's take a look at who the miners are and try to understand whether it is worth for managers to immediately retrain for mining Mining farms, blockchain technologies, ethereums and other specific terms can bring to a grinding halt a person who encounters all this for the first time. However, it's not so difficult as it may seem, the experts will help to understand – is it worth immediately purchasing a farm...

Cryptocurrency is the new gold or something can go wrong?
18.09.2017 17:01:00  |   How-to-startGuides

Is gold really giving a way to cryptocurrency and what should be known about bitcoin not to feel yourself remaining on the margins of the progress, Bitnewstoday figures out Cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin – these are increasingly popular trends nowadays. A group of experts asked by puts it in simple words about bitcoins, mining and prospects or cryptocurrencies. What is cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that doesn't have "physical" equivalent in form...

What should a beginner miner know
28.08.2017 13:50:00  |   How-to-startGuides

... money as a consequence. The first thing you need to figure out is what and how you plan to mine. If you do not have large financial resources, about several million dollars, bitcoin mining seems pointless to me. Therefore, I would recommend to mine altcoins by using GPU. I mean such cryptocurrencies as for example Zcash, Decret, Ether, etc. It is necessary to constantly monitor the current exchange rates and hash-rate of their networks, e.g. here . It's better to decide what and when you plan ...

Banking half-blood: Ripple’s life after sobering
08.02.2018  |   MarketAltcoin

... the year. There are several reasons. Firstly, Ripple is already traded on more than a hundred exchanges. This could provoke Coinbase to list it in the end and confirm the rumors. After that Ripple may actually rise 5x or more. Secondly, like the other altcoins, Ripple got fame in December 2017, when the new era had come. People finally noticed small coins like TRON (TRX), Cardano (ADA), Stellar (XLM) and Verge (XVG). Ripple was a veteran among them. Thirdly, Ripple’s team has established itself on ...

The best altcoin: Investments in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2018
06.02.2018  |   MarketBlockchain decided to analyze which altcoins are worth investing in 2018, where to invest in bitcoins and what information is important for those who intend to invest in cryptocurrencies At the beginning of 2018 the cryptocurrency market was flooded with one thousand and five hundred ...

What one successfully invested dollar gives to ICO investors?
30.01.2018  |   MarketIco

Bitnewstoday reviews ICOs on which investors made a biggest fortune by far + table – Top 10 ICOs which resulted in fabulous investment return For investors, ICOs are quite a risky business, but in some cases, the risk is worth it. Bitnewstoday presents the review of ICOs the tokens of which were best-performing when it comes to price growth dynamics. The data provided by the service called ICOSTATS, the Top 10 tokens which outperformed all others in price growth since their initial offering, include:...

How to buy bitcoin and not run into scammers
15.01.2018  |   MarketBitcoin

There are fewer people who have not heard about bitcoin, and more and more of those who want to buy it. Bitnewstoday made an overview of how to buy cryptocurrency and talked about the pros and cons of each option Predictions of bitcoin price hitting $100000 no longer seem ridiculous. It's just about X5 from the current price. Considering BTC growth rate, it is possible that this milestone will be reached in 2018. How to buy cryptocurrency and what are the peculiarities of each method - red in the...

When will bitcoin collapse and what stands behind cryptocurrency hype?
14.11.2017  |   MarketBitcoin

..., the expert comments. Based on the opinions of experts , it can be concluded that the growth in demand for cryptocurrency takes place due to the expansion of the economic space of cryptocurrency technologies and the growing interest in bitcoin and altcoins market not only among ordinary people but also from professional investors who seek to diversify their savings. However, the main role in heating the market still belongs to speculators and it is quite possible that cryptocurrency market will ...

How infinite are cryptocurrencies?
23.08.2017  |   MarketMining

Some cryptocurrencies have a limited emission, while others have infinite supply. What gives cryptocurrency the fixed limit of their issuance, as well as who and how sets these limits, read in the article by Cryptocurrencies, apart from their price in fiat money and exchange rates, have many other characteristics, including the total number of coins. Whether this amount is limited, who sets these limits and why, figures out. When a cryptocurrency is created, its...

Swissquote adds 4 altcoins to its trading platform
20.12.2017  |   NewsExchange

Bitcoin is no longer an exclusive on Swissquote’s platform, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple are now also in the listings. The platform is designed for careful investors Swissquote Bank SA decides to add Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple to the list of cryptocurrencies available for trading on its platform, tells CCN. The leader of Swissquote told it’s important for investors to diversify assets, and this why they have taken this measure. This financial institution is not...

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