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What will the global market get


HODL! Who’s behind the market losses?

... 3.300 dollars soon, which is also not so positive. They associate the current market decline with the recent Coinrail hack. But is the crypto market so strongly influenced by hackers? On January 26th, the attack on Coincheck resulted in the theft of Altcoins worth about 530 million dollars. The market had a swing, but it was just a short-term negative reaction. First, this attack did not affect other cryptos. Second, the market is large, and hacking, even on a large crypto-exchange, does not mean ...

Bitcoin can drop to 5.5 thousand dollars

... and share their life stories. The hospital management reported that they had made such a decision, judging by the reports of the country's officials that Bitcoin is like a "classic financial bubble". "Buy Bitcoins, hold Ripple , sell altcoins" - this is the advice given to crypto-investors by Spencer Bogart, a Wall Street venture analyst. According to him, Bitcoin is constantly increasing, and most large banks are joining in, therefore, despite the ongoing “negative” trend,...