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Banca Sella, Lloyd's and Mastercard Are Testing The Waters of Fintech
Blockchain   |   07.09.18  |  

In the world of economy fintech was quite often considered as some effort to invent the wheel all over again. However, it ended up being the first herald of the new economic world. Big capital is very cautious when it comes to innovation. Being completely honest - it’s borderline hostile. In many cases, they consider this stuff “useless” and “pointless.” The thing is - they just can because they have history and tradition to back their opinion (and let’s not forget about reputation and finances)...

Investigating Black Fintech: Regulators' Verdict
Italy   |   06.09.18  |  

Regulation of the crypto market is a highly complicated topic, where every step should be thought over - one wrong move will make everything worse Let's be honest - denying criminal past of the crypto is weird, since after the very beginning of the crypto criminals saw a big opportunity in the system that was pretty much unknown to the law enforcement agencies. Selling of the illicit substances, payments for the services of dubious kind, and stolen information trade used to be “all the rage.” Also...

Italian Notarchain: Too Many Problems, Too Few Solutions
Italy   |   21.08.18  |  

It is due to the complexities and limitations that smart contracts in the notary sphere cause not only lively and genuine interest but also a fair share of skepticism By the end of September, a two-day hackathon with the top players in the sphere of high technologies will be held in Italy with the purpose of in-depth study and identification of the legal and information-communication aspects of the Notarchain platform. The creation of a network of Italian notaries based on the blockchain technology...

Fintech Is Obviously Affecting The Economy Of Italy. CONSOB Is Taking The Industry Under Control
Italy   |   14.08.18  |  

According to Paolo CIOCCA, an important step in the practical application of Fintech is its use in the logistics chain and the associated financial network. Less noticeable, but more important in terms of impact on the economy, are Big Data and artificial intelligence Chairman of the supervisory authority for the Italian financial products market (CONSOB) Paolo Ciocca, in an interview to the newspaper Il Sole 24 ore, the financial and economic publication of the Italian Union of Industrialists...

CONSOB Banned 23 Financial Operators In Italy
Italy   |   13.08.18  |  

CONSOB activities have been of a notification nature, limited to warning investors of illegal financial activities, but since 2018 its rights have been significantly expanded, also acquiring a repressive nature, up to a mandatory order to terminate the activities of unscrupulous financial operators. CONSOB, the supervisory authority for the Italian financial products market, has been granted special and extraordinary rights with a view of protecting investors and combat abuses, including fraud...

Blockchain As A Service: Italian Banks Are Experimenting With A New Format
Blockchain   |   10.08.18  |  

The experiment is launched by 14 Italian banks under the leadership of AbiLab, an innovative laboratory operating under the auspices of the Italian Banking Association (ABI). Very soon in Italy blockchain technology can enter “as a service" in a package of proposals for customer service in the Italian interbank system. Initially, it is planned to introduce blockchain to verify the compliance of banks in pairs. The experiment is launched by 14 Italian banks under the leadership of AbiLab, an...