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Venezuela: Russian Trace Of Nicolas Maduro’s Crypto Economics
Cryptocurrencies   |   06.12.18  |  

Nicolas Maduro believes that he can be better value generator than global market. What plan will bury Venezuela under el Petro avalanche? Nicolas MADURO increased the cost of el Petro in 2.5 times: from 3 600 bolivars to 9 000. Moreover, he made it by official decree, that is not quite the traditional way of cryptocurrency capitalization. Perhaps, the ...

Iran Tests State-Backed Cryptocurrency To Replace SWIFT. Russia Being A Gray Cardinal
Cryptocurrencies   |   21.11.18  |  

... message is there for the global market? The geopolitical turmoil as an impulse for new economical solutions The geopolitical outbursts force some countries to take economical measures they wouldn’t have intended to utilize in less stressful situations. Venezuela and Iran are a good example. There is some kind of an irony that these states claimed ‘authoritarian’, which, in fact, have strict internal policy of governmental control, turn to ‘libertarian’ systems like blockchain-based currencies....

El Petro’s Eleven Enemies: Why The World Policemen To Force Venezuela To Its Knees
Venezuela   |   09.10.18  |  

The US Senate will prepare the stop-list for the digital coins of rogue states. As we expected, digital assets launched by the Venezuelan government will not help the Maduro regime skirt the US sanctions. 11 influential senators at once presented a draft regulation entitled “The Law on Humanitarian Assistance, Restoration, and the Rule of Law in Venezuela of 2018”, which ...

Let's Make Venezuela Great Again? Toon #1
Venezuela   |   27.09.18  |  

... economic trends through the eyes of the brilliant cartoonist Maxim Smagin who has joined our team! We are proud to have him on board! We all know what el Petro is. And if you want to understand what Trump has to do with it, read our series of articles on Venezuela. Will The Cryptocurrency Help To Bypass The Sanctions? The idea of circumventing all sorts of sanctions with the help of crypto currency has appeared for a long time. About a year ago the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced the ...

Venezuela's Economic Disaster: How El Petro Can Oppose The USA Politics
Venezuela   |   25.09.18  |  

The Venezuelan national digital coin is entering the global market. But in the current economic and political situation, it is unlikely to be necessary to anyone The Republic of Venezuela is introducing its virtual currency El Petro to the foreign market....

New Venezuelan Currency to Finish EL Petro Along With the Country
Venezuela   |   21.08.18  |  

To beat inflation, Nicolas Maduro, has pegged the Bolivar to crypto. Experts believe that this will only aggravate the situation of the country. According to the economic plan for Venezuela to mitigate the hyperinflation, the Central Bank has reduced rates on five zeros. Another key step was the issuance of a new currency called “sovereign Bolivar”. Its peculiarity is that it’s the world's first national currency, pegged ...

Nicolas Maduro's Hype Is Too Expensive For Venezuela
Venezuela   |   09.08.18  |  

Albert Cortez, Venezuela: «70-80% of my fellow countrymen are busy with finding basic resources, such as gas, electricity, water and food. They don't have time to think about some virtual money». We already wrote about the consequences of launching the national ...

El Petro To Force The Next Global Financial And Economic Crisis
Venezuela   |   08.08.18  |  

We'd like to think, that those who are in power in countries under international sanctions won't make up their minds to create national ICO. You shouldn't shoot yourself in the foot. Long time ago the president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro was a bus driver completed only a secondary school. Now this South American country threatens to plunge world economics into a new system crisis. So where is the connection with virtual currency? The thing is that many countries ...

Russian KAMAZ truck plant debunks the rumors on Petro token foreign trade
Venezuela   |   05.04.18  |  

... that the Russians will sell car parts for Petro tokens which are under sanctions, but the representatives of KAMAZ made it clear they would prefer to wait for official requests Rumors connected with Petro, a cryptocurrency made by the authorities of Venezuela (as they claim) to improve economy, have not been confirmed again. And once again, Russia is part of the rumors. As initial messages in the media told, the Russian truck plant called KAMAZ will sell car parts to Venezuela for Petro. Journalists ...

Russia: no, we didn’t help Venezuela with Petro and it’ll pay its debts with regular money
Cryptocurrencies   |   28.03.18  |  

... Finance Ministry is to oversee the debts other states owe to Russia has rejected this and another rumor which most people familiar with the digital currency reception by the Russian officials would find amusing. Apparently, some sources claimed that Venezuela would pay its giant debt to Russia in digital currency. As a reminder, most Russian high-ranking officials are still very suspicious to the idea of cryptocurrency even in mundane deals, and here we are talking about a sum of $3.15 billion. This ...

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