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The US Internal Revenue Service Plans To Update Cryptocurrency Tax Guidance
Legislation   |   21.05.19  |  

In accordance with a request from a member of the House of Representatives, the IRS is working on guidance for acceptable methods for calculating the taxes The U.S. Internal Revenue Service is working on the new tax guidance for cryptocurrency as claimed by the agency’s commissioner on Monday. This is the first initiative since 2014. IRS Commissioner Charles P. RETTIG stressed that a nonspecific plan is being developed to release in-depth guidance for cryptocurrency taxation in the nearest future:...

Survey: 20% of U.S. Millenials Store Value In Bitcoin
Cryptocurrencies   |   02.05.19  |  

During the study, 2052 residents of the United States were interviewed. The survey was an augmented version of the previous one, conducted by the company in October 2017 According to survey results published by Spencer BOGART , a partner of VC firm Blockchain Capital, 20% of young Americans own Bitcoin. The survey was conducted online from April 23–25, 2019 by The Harris Poll, on behalf of Blockchain Capital. The survey included answers from 2,052 American adults and was an augmented version of...

Lawmakers Of Utah Introduce Bill for Regulating Blockchain Firms
Legislation   |   04.03.19  |  

According to the bill, blockchain companies will not be classed as money transmitters. Lawmakers establish a task force to run a pilot project Lawmakers from the state of Utah in the United States have introduced a bill according to which blockchain companies will not be classified as organizations engaged in financial transactions. Republican senator Daniel HEMMERT filed Bill 213, which proposes that any person who "facilitates the creation, exchange or sale" of certain products related...

Wyoming’s new bill guarantees legal protection for cryptocurrency owners
Legislation   |   15.02.19  |  

Thу state became the first jurisdiction in the US to extend property rights to cryptocurrency The SF0125 bill, which passed the second and the third readings in the Senate of Wyoming, is now waiting for Governor Mark Gordon’s signing and is expected to enter into force next week. The new legislation provides residents of the state owning cryptocurrencies and tokens with the full legal protection of private property in relation to these assets. The publication of the law will probably cause a large-scale...

It’s Not Just Mining: Douglas County To Establish Blockchain Campus
Innovations   |   14.01.19  |  

The crypto market decline stopped the enthusiasts from coming to the region. Following the market trends, the representatives of the county decided to diversify and develop According to the Seattle Times , Douglas County in Washington State is becoming another blockchain technology hub. The region is already known as the "Crypto Mining Town" for the last couple of years. Now, the district leaders plan to establish a "Blockchain Innovation Campus" to develop the industry further...

Wyoming To Become The Most Attractive State For Blockchain Startups
Legislation   |   11.01.19  |  

The state governor touched on the success of the blockchain industry during his inaugural speech. Currently, six more bills are being discussed in Wyoming During his inaugural speech , Mark GORDON , the 33rd Governor of Wyoming, spoke about the success of the blockchain industry in the state. In particular, he highly appreciated a number of startups as a positive example, noting that other states of America could follow such an approach. The fact that the widely known Cardano crypto project moved...

Raiders Attack: Who Will Benefit From Bitcoin Crash
Cryptocurrencies   |   21.11.18  |  

The United States may be responsible for the fall in the exchange rates of the leading cryptocurrencies A few days ago, the head of the IMF, Christine LAGARDE , on the official page of the fund, announced the enormous potential of new financial technologies: “The blockchain will help financial markets function more efficiently, and self-completing smart contracts can eliminate the need for some intermediaries.” And cryptocurrencies, in her opinion, "will lead to a diversification of the financial...

High Moral Economy Of The Golden Crescent Against The Immoral Economy Of White Stars
News   |   20.11.18  |  

... but also a deeply ethical question. But still, what will happen if Islamic republic will step over this boundary? This - out of control crypto market is already being a major thorn in the side of international governments. Ar at least one of them, the USA. American financial regulator is on the fence between losing the regulation tightening it up. At the first point - whole crypto industry itself is not as big as it likes to think, and maintaining it’s “health” is going to cost a lot of money....

The Turkish Gambit: How Trump's Trade Wars Help To Make Cryptocurrency Liquidity
Turkey   |   19.11.18  |  

The trade wars that the US makes against some countries can give an unexpected impetus to the development of the digital market In percentage terms, Turkey ranks first in the world in the number of private holders of digital currencies. According to statistics , 18% of the population has some kind of virtual assets, that is, more than 14 million people. At the same time, until recently, there were few deals with tokens. Only 6 digital exchanges operated on the territory of the country, three of...

Texas Regulator Is The Crypto Sheriff Now or Why The Cloud Mining Company Got Banned
Usa   |   08.11.18  |  

The Texas State Securities Board has cleared away the mining clouds above the state and protected the interests of private investors The digital Wild West is coming to an end. The irony is that legality is triumphing in the very Wild West, where, a hundred and fifty years ago, reckless adventurists from around the world were looking for happiness and prosperity, resolving numerous disputes with the help of a weighty argument of caliber 0.45. So, the Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) issued an...

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