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The IRS To Send 10,000 Letters To Taxpayers Owning Cryptocurrency
Legislation   |   29.07.19  |  

In the newsletter, the service reported that three variations of the letter with tips on paying taxes and submitting corrected tax returns are to be sent The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced Friday that it would send letters to taxpayers who own cryptocurrencies. Such “educational letters” contain tips on paying taxes and filing amended tax returns for their property. In the newsletter, the ...

US House of Representatives Introduces New Version Of Token Taxonomy Act
Legislation   |   10.04.19  |  

The bill is aimed at excluding cryptocurrency from the category of securities, and also provides regulatory certainty for enterprises and regulators The United States House of Representatives reintroduced the Token Taxonomy Act. This bill should exclude cryptocurrency from the category of securities. It was initially proposed in December last year and was aimed at excluding digital currencies being defined as securities ...