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The Swiss National Stock Exchange Plans To Create Franc-backed Stablecoin
Cryptocurrencies   |   23.05.19  |  

According to CoinDesk, the main goal of a stable coin development is to facilitate transactions on the SDX digital exchange, which will be launched in the second half of the year SIX, the Swiss National Stock Exchange group, is working on creating its own stablecoin, a Swiss franc-backed cryptocurrency. Its main aim is to facilitate transactions on the SDX digital exchange, CoinDesk reports . A SIX representative confirmed these intentions in an email. SIX did not provide additional information...

The Number Of Blockchain Startups In Switzerland And Liechtenstein Grew By 20%
Innovations   |   25.01.19  |  

... lingering “crypto winter”, a report by CV VC says that 121 new companies were registered in the mentioned jurisdictions during last year Despite the long-lasting bear market, called the “crypto winter”, the number of blockchain companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein continues to grow, according to a report from CV VC, the Swiss investment company. According to CV VC, the number of companies operating with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) which were based in Switzerland or Liechtenstein,...

Switzerland: Crypto-Funds Will Be Able To Invest Up To $100M In Residential Property
Legislation   |   06.12.18  |  

... geography, and target audience; disclose information about the company's offices, its employees, shareholders, and management; financial plan of the project, asset storage method, risk management strategy, and anti-money laundering policy (AML). By the way, Switzerland, in fact, was the first country in Europe to legitimize the turnover of virtual assets and was the first to formally regulate the activity of cryptocurrency funds. In October 2018, the Crypto Fund investment fund received a state license ...

Switzerland Approves ETP: Why Nobody Cares
Trading   |   22.11.18  |  

... crypto ETP received an approval but Bitcoin did not even notice it. What is the difference between ETP and ETF and why there is no reaction on the market? While the whole crypto community is waiting for the decision of the American SEC on Bitcoin-ETF, Switzerland is approving the listing of the world's first crypto exchange traded product. The country's largest stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchange, which in July reported that it was working on the offering of trading, clearing and custodial services with ...

Holes? Don't Worry, These Are The Best Swiss Traditions! TOON #13
Switzerland   |   09.11.18  |  

Switzerland has lost some points of attractiveness for crypto start-ups and ICOs in 2018. The regulators urge to change the situation and patch the holes as soon as possible. Switzerland suddenly found itself in the “catching-up” role. The habit ...

Swiss And Russian Banks Report About ICO Platforms Successful Implementation
Ico   |   02.11.18  |  

... crypto. Swiss bank allows clients to participate in ICO, while Russian Sberbank reported the successful test ICO deal. Stablecoins are next. Banks slowly and carefully reconsider their stance on working with crypto assets. The recent news came from Switzerland, where Swissquote, the digital bank, allowed its clients to participate in ICO crowdinvesting on the company’s platform. They name it the first-of-its-kind case in the world when the representative of banking sector has implemented the open ...

Trending Trinity Weekly (October, 15-19)
News   |   20.10.18  |  

Christie’s on blockchain, spies and terrorists with digital assets and Switzerland that struggles to maintain its crypto leadership. These are the main trends of the week according to your pageviews. Weekend time! It’s when everyone tries to stay away from digits, graphs or stats of any kind. It’s not about our team ...

Switzerland Teams Up With Liechtenstein To Show $44 Bln Crypto Market Valuation
Switzerland   |   15.10.18  |  

... the traditional Swiss asset management groups. “The move to grant a licence to Crypto Fund can be seen as a validation, perhaps better said, regulatory acceptance of cryptocurrencies. That is a massive step forward, and taking a major hurdle, as Switzerland wants to keep a leading role in terms of the self-proclaimed Crypto Nation,” comments Drs Hans KONING , CEO at Vicarium. “The mainstream regulators are currently in the process of catch-up with USA’s SEC opening up secondary token markets ...

Follow My Lead: Philippines And South Korea To Adopt The Swiss Standards of Regulation
Regulation   |   26.09.18  |  

The success of one may inspire the others to go the same way. What is the reason behind such decisions? Can it become a global trend in the near future? The success of Switzerland in regulating blockchain is disputed and hardly overestimated. Earlier, we presented the reasons for it as well as the barriers the state regulators are facing right now. The information from ‘behind the scenes’ was kindly provided by ...

Swiss FDF to propose blockchain policies options at the end of 2018
Switzerland   |   25.09.18  |  

Switzerland has proven to be one of the best crypto jurisdictions by now. Still, there are some issues that need clarification, and regulators are eager to update legislation frameworks by the end of 2018. Switzerland has proven to become one of the ...

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