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3 Reasons To Delay Your Startup And How To Overcome The Slump
Guest-posts   |   12.02.19  |  

Carmen Campo devoted a lot of time to startups, and knows what crops up as the most common reasons for tarrying. She shares her vision on how to benefit from it The business world mostly follows the proverb periculum in mora — there is no time to wait, it’s time to act. However, there ...

Grand Chinese Design: Blockchain Regulation as Move for Crypto Yuan
China   |   29.10.18  |  

In 2017 the People's Bank of China banned ICO and crypto-exchanges. In 2018 government invested $1.6 bln in fund of blockchain startups. What is the Chinese economy preparing for? On October 19, the government top-level internet watchdog Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), published a new draft called "Management of Blockchain Information Services Regulation"....

How Israeli Blockchain Startups Attracted $650M, And What Are They Ready To Overpay For
Forecasts   |   25.10.18  |  

Why there are 400-500 blockchain startups are expected by 2019 in Israel, how they manage to the staff deficit of 50 thousand programmers and why outsourcing is the last option. In the first part of an interview with Roman GOLD , founding partner of the Israeli Blockchain Association ...

No Scam Or How Israel Crypto Community Came to Self-Regulation
Forecasts   |   23.10.18  |  

... as one of the working tools. The only thing that is a bit confusing in all this dynamics is that all the developments and blockchain expertise in government agencies are made in-house. The government of Israel has virtually no cooperation with local startups in implementing their developed blockchain technology. At the same time, there are cases when Israeli startups successfully cooperated with foreign government agencies, providing their innovations. For example, the land cadastre of Sweden was ...

Four Reasons Why InsurTech Startups Won’t Get Subdued by Traditional Institutions
Blockchain   |   21.09.18  |  

Let’s imagine the idea that the traditional insurance market plots against InsurTech startups. Is there a possibility of a real threat on the horizon? Previously, we wrote that InsurTech makes its way to the global markets and attracts attention as a lucrative investment target — technological breakthrough can provide 10% ROE to ...

Singapore Continues The Asian Race: $150M Invested in Digital Generation
Forecasts   |   21.09.18  |  

... FinTech Association (SFA) hopes to create stablecoin on the basis of the Singapore dollar to make his country the blockchain center of Asia. In a recent survey of Asian markets, we have already said that Singapore became a Mecca for blockchain startups last year. And now the two technological Asian countries compete on the market. In this article, we will consider in details the prerequisites and the government efforts that led to this phenomenon, when a small city-state, non-rich with natural ...

Maltese ATM: There and back
Blockchain   |   20.07.18  |  

Malta sets up its’s first two way ATM. What does it mean and what will it give to you? Malteese crypto startup Moon Zebra recently launched a first two way atm that allows anyone to buy and sell bitcoin and litecoin for euro. Machine itself was strategically placed in Sliema, one of the main centers of the shopping and recreation of the whole malta, where ...

Sebastian Serrano: “5 out of 5 blockchain startups from Argentina go global”
Forecasts   |   19.07.18  |  

Sebastian Serrano, CEO and founder of Ripio spoke about the blockchain startups success in Argentina at “Future in the City”, and gave an exclusive interview to As wrote earlier this week, “Future in the City,” the conference devoted to innovation and modern technologies, was ...

US Border Patrol will use blockchain to store video surveillance data
Investments   |   19.06.18  |  

... the American law enforcement agency with blockchain technologies. See what the media tells The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) will boost the blockchain research of Factom, giving this Texas-based startup a grant of $192,380. This has been directly confirmed on the official website of the Department of Homeland Security of the United States. This blockchain technology Factom is developing will be dedicated to the data coming from IoT devices, ...

Vitalik Buterin: 90% of token startups will fall
Cryptocurrencies   |   25.10.17  |  

He believes the ICO market has to evolve The founder of the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world has always been skeptical about initial coin offerings, or when companies issue digital tokens to attract investment. Those digital tokens’ price is based only on the desire of people to have them, Mr. Buterin noted on the ETHWaterloo hackathon, dedicated, as one can guess from the title, to the structure of Ethereum. As Vitalik Buterin believes, 90% of current ICO projects, even based...

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