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WEX Cryptocurrency Exchange — What’s New On The Horizon
Forecasts   |   15.12.18  |  

... became possible to withdraw money only with a loss of about 80% of digital coins. WEX exchange reviews became hilarious after that. Dissatisfied users went to the court, but, apparently, this initiative did not have any positive consequences. “WEX scam” slogans appeared on social media and different other crypto sources. Finally, the exchange was sold to a new owner, Dmitry KHAVCHENKO , from the People’s Republic of Donetsk. According to Vasiliev, the amount of the transaction was supposed ...

I'll Become A Billionaire! Absof$ckinglutely… TOON #14
Ico   |   14.11.18  |  

... eventually have won over an army of the disappointed — more than 60% of the projects from 2017 could not succeed in offering the markets any distinct product. To be specific, their initiatives ended up in failure. A vast number of ICOs was recognized as a scam, however, the first three quarters of 2018 has shown that projects raised $13.9 billion, which is $10 billion — or 263% — more than the total raised amount in 2017. In total, investors lost up to 66% of the funds invested in 2017. Apparently,...

PeruCoin: A Country-Wide Scam or An Attempt To Revive Inca Empire
Regulation   |   06.11.18  |  

The project of the national digital currency of Peru may turn out to be another invention of scammers. Why are speculators still trying to hype on communication with the power? South America never fails to amaze the world with the news of the digital economy. The reports have appeared that, following Venezuela, Peru is going to release its ...

Reputation At Risk: Why Celebrities Face Legal Actions For Scam ICOs Promo
Ico   |   26.10.18  |  

... news, feedbacks and stances. The celebrity endorsement in ICO and crypto assets proves to become an unreasonable reputational risk. ICO market and cryptocurrency market as a whole suffers from negative news, feedbacks and stances. Apart from obvious scams, the market just recently realized the low level of success of the total number of startups launched in 2017, as it was recently summarized by EY . The aggressive marketing made investors — most of them private — believe in miracles. It was ...

Ernst & Young: Why ICO Investors Burned Down 66% of Money
Ico   |   26.10.18  |  

... or has any substantial weight to differentiate itself among its rivals. And the next year became dawn of the “Dark age of ICO” when a useful tool for gathering funds became a real frontline. Gathered funds have reached hundreds of millions, and scams were becoming more and more elaborate. According to the words of Nikolay SHKILEV, Ph.D., Blockchain expert and Top ICO/STO Advisor, this is directly related - big money always lure crooks and thieves of all kind. “90% of the projects were making ...

ICO vs STO: Struggle For The Markets of The Future
Ico   |   26.09.18  |  

... is pretty impressive, projects that held an ICO has managed to secure $13.7 bln. And all this despite of the fact that one out of the two startups in 2018 had been a fail. And according to some reports, up to 80% of the ICOs are nothing but a blatant scam, while more than modest 8% can be called real projects. The variety of projects, available on the market becomes larger with an each passing day, but the quality of said choice leaves much to be desired. So this is pretty natural that market began ...

Trending Trinity Weekly (August, 27-31)
News   |   01.09.18  |  

... article by Oleg Koldaev if you still haven't. Worth reading definitely. #2 - More than 1$ bln lost. What can you learn from it? Hacking. Hacking. Hacking. We hear about it more and more often and the word has already become a routine for most of us. Scams, fake ICOs and crypto exchanges, cloud mining... How can we avoid that and keep our digital assets safe and sound? Anastasia Ermolaeva spoke to Cryptology's Herbert SIM who shared a lot of helpful recommendations on digital security. So shut your ...

New Venezuelan Currency to Finish EL Petro Along With the Country
Venezuela   |   21.08.18  |  

... The cryptocurrency was supposed to protect the fiat currency at the time of the economic crisis and help the country avoid financial sanctions from the United States, but now it is not even traded and, moreover, is regarded by most world experts as a scam. The crypto rating site confirms this and gives el Petro a scam label. In addition, the Venezuelan Parliament, led by the opposition party, calls the trade in cryptocurrency “unconstitutional” and considers it to be a way of the ...

ICO Trends. The past, the present, the future. Lessons learned in the first half of 2018
Guest-posts   |   17.07.18  |  

In this article, Richard Shibi goes on with analyzing the situation in the field of ICOs, this time deeper into the events of the first half of 2018. The regulatory movements, successes and failures, fundamental questions Despite the vast number of scams during 2017, ICOs still managed to raise more than $12 bln during the first half of 2018 compared to the similar amount raised during the entire year 2017. It is also worth noting that despite the market slump since the beginning of the year, the ...

ICO Trends. The past, the present, the future. The aftermath of 2017
Guest-posts   |   16.07.18  |  

... while the lack of professionalism of many ICOs made it a mission impossible to filter out the good from the bad. The dark side of “to the moon” According to a recent study from ICO advisory firm Statis Group, more than $ 1.3 bln has been lost to scams during 2017. And according to another report, more than 1000 crypto projects were dead by the end of June 2018. Two remarkable incidents of 2017 are the Parity wallet breach due to a vulnerability in its version 1.5 wallet software, causing a loss ...

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