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‘Alexander Hamilton’ Rap-battled ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’
Cryptocurrencies   |   09.09.19  |  

... point out the flaws and the issues that both face A YouTube video was recently released by a channel called Rhyme Combinator. The video is about the father of the United State’s centralized finances, Alexander Hamilton rap battling it out with Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the blockchain technology and the first cryptocurrency of them all, the Bitcoin. The video is expertly designed to showcase the most prominent arguments from the supporters of the old financial system. Things such as regulation,...

The Restless And Reckless: How Craig Wright Incurres the Wrath Of Crypto Industry
Usa   |   03.06.19  |  

... white paper cryptocurrency and an earlier version of its code. What did it lead to? Not a single week passes by for the notorious doctor Craig WRIGHT not to attract attention with his odious activity. As you may know, last month the self-proclaimed Satoshi NAKAMOTO submitted two applications to the US Copyright Office, calling himself the author of white paper of the first cryptocurrency as well as the early version of its code. Many media outlets presented this information in such a way that Wright ...

Will We See The Reveal of Bitcoin's Biggest Mystery?
Guest-posts   |   13.05.19  |  

... recently. There is the question “Where in the world is Satoshi?” and the countdown till the May 14th when his identity should be revealed Bitcoin is undoubtedly the biggest mystery of mankind today. It has been 11 years since someone under the name Satoshi Nakamoto registered and soon released the coin. Today we are living in a world where Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are part of our everyday lives and a matter of interest. Even though we have so-called cryptocurrency gurus all around ...

Merry Christmas, Satoshi!
Guest-posts   |   21.12.18  |  

... for 2019, well, that is something completely different. A few months ago, while I attended the Malta Blockchain Summit, we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the release of that now famous Bitcoin whitepaper. Until today, we still do not know who Satoshi Nakamoto is. At the summit I did speak with a few people about that very fact, but I must admit, Satoshi wasn’t the talk of the town apart from the ongoing rumour that he would make a surprise appearance. Interestingly, I consistently keep an ...

Image Of The Weekend, 11-12 Of August: Insider, CNBC, Forbes And Others
News   |   13.08.18  |  

... would want it to happen either, considering it costs $4,700 to mine one bitcoin. That's about 10 percent of the annual tuition at a private university," said Mike Baic, VC president of marketing at VECTRA. 4. WHO IS MR.NAKAMOTO ( ) Satoshi Nakamoto hunted internationally, as the bounty grows #Findsatoshi is the latest effort to galvanize worldwide support in order to, once and for all, find the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. The group has taken to an international ...

Bitcoin alert system revival may confuse copycat altcoins’ community
Cryptocurrencies   |   26.06.18  |  

This material describes the recent events around private keys previously thought to be available only to Satoshi Nakamoto, Gavin Andresen and BitcoinTalk administrator, as well as what Charlie Lee has to say about it The system of Bitcoin public announcements will soon be functional again, CoinDesk tells. As a reminder, this system which has been design ...

Press: coder Gavin Andresen is Satoshi Nakamoto
Investments   |   04.06.18  |  

Learn if the arguments of those who allegedly found the real Satoshi Nakamoto look solid and some insight in the personality of the original Bitcoin creator, anonymous even to this day, from people who worked with him The stylometry analysis made by the journalists from a cryptocurrency-related website tells ...

Bitcoin brand used by unrelated persons due to Satoshi Nakamoto’s silence
Cryptocurrencies   |   28.05.18  |  

Bitcoin brand registered in several countries - but clearly not by the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Learn about the examples discovered by the press and how it became possible in the first place Several entrepreneurs have unfairly registered “Bitcoin” as a trademark since the last year, and in the most notable case, a letter ...

Capital Economics: Bitcoin does not worth anything and will fall down
Investments   |   06.04.18  |  

... lesser prices, as some observers have calculated at the beginning of this year, the mining of the most popular cryptocurrency becomes unprofitable after the sudden drop. Regardless of the further price motion of Bitcoin, it is also worth mentioning that Satoshi Nakamoto’s birthday was yesterday. Of course, the community doesn’t know when this anonymous Bitcoin author was really born, so they chose his P2P Foundation account as a reference. The information might actually be incorrect and it suspiciously ...

99% of all Bitcoins are stored in 1% of wallets
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   30.03.18  |  

... percent. So, we can say confidently say that 99% of Bitcoins are focused on 1% of addresses. Personalities of Bitcoin millionaires And yet, who has got all the Bitcoins? Navigating by the information in the network, we may suggest the TOP-3 leaders: Satoshi Nakamoto. The legendary creator of Bitcoin now owns a million Bitcoins (6%), which are distributed among over hundreds of wallets. For all the time, they have remained there to stay there. They have never been sold or transferred to another address....

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