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Witnessing the digital breakthrough
Hong Kong Regulator Approves Rules for Cryptocurrency Funds
Legislation   |   07.10.19  |  

... maintain liquid capital of at least 3 million HK dollars (383,000 US dollars) as well as its variable required liquid capital. To ensure the safety of the fund’s assets, the SFC requires crypto fund managers to appoint a functionally independent custodian. The regulator emphasized that the fund manager should ensure that the assets of the fund are separated from its own assets, as well as the assets of other customers, if the assets of the fund are not stored in an omnibus client account. The document ...

Comparing Token Models: What Each Achieved in May 2019
Ico   |   11.06.19  |  

The three fundraising models allow organizations to raise capital directly from investors by leveraging the internet and blockchain technology. But what about the stats? First, it was the ICO, then it became the STO (the supposed ICO killers) and now it is an IEO. There is no shortage of vaguely similar three-letter acronyms in the ...

The Swiss National Stock Exchange Plans To Create Franc-backed Stablecoin
Cryptocurrencies   |   23.05.19  |  

According to CoinDesk, the main goal of a stable coin development is to facilitate transactions on the SDX digital exchange, which will be launched in the second half of the year SIX, the Swiss National Stock Exchange group, is working on creating its own stablecoin, a Swiss franc-backed cryptocurrency. Its main aim is to facilitate transactions on the SDX digital exchange, CoinDesk reports . A SIX representative confirmed these intentions in an email....

Report: Number of STOs Surged By 130% In Q1 2019
Ico   |   04.04.19  |  

Security Token Offerings could quickly overtake Initial Coin Offerings as the go-to method of fundraising. 47 STOs were reported to have occurred in Q1 2019 the highest in history Security token offerings! If you’re familiar with the Crypto space then you’ve come across STOs — they’re all the rage now. With the strong negative sentiment around ICOs ...

China: ICO and STO are objects of illegal financial activity
Legislation   |   22.03.19  |  

... Financial Industry says so. Will real restrictions follow? China may significantly tighten its cryptocurrency policy. The Beijing Financial Industry Association (BIFIA) has issued a warning about illegal fund-raising activities related to ICO, IEO, STO, and stablecoins. The notice states as follows: “Recently, there have been organizations using the concept of “financial innovation” to raise funds illegally. They hold online and offline events to promote projects related with ICO, IEO, STO,...

Polymath (POLY) Develops A Standard For Security Tokens Emission And Trading
Innovations   |   28.02.19  |  

... benefits that the blockchain technology can offer. Representatives of the company announced the development of a standard for security tokens, which would comply with all rules regarding securities: “With a standard in place, security token issuers, investors, exchanges, wallets, custody providers, and regulators can become comfortable with this technology, interoperability becomes easier, and adoption can be widespread. Similar to how the ERC-20 standard enabled the boom in utility tokens on the Ethereum ...

The Era After ICOs: How Does The Future Of STOs Look Like
Forecasts   |   26.02.19  |  

Few remnant ICOs struggling to raise funds nowadays, and it is quite clear that the future lies within the Security Token Offerings (STO), according to Richard Shibi Although we might still see few remnant ICOs struggling to raise funds nowadays, it is quite clear that the future lies within the Security Token Offerings. 2018 has been the most difficult year for ICOs since its inception; ...

The Consequences Of SEC Decisions: No More Utility Tokens?
Legislation   |   08.01.19  |  

... surrounding Airfox (Carrier EQ, Inc) and Paragon Coin Inc showcase that the regulator is intent on pursuing clear cases of unregistered securities regardless of whether or not the project was fraudulent. Under the settlement, each company will refund its investors, pay $250,000 fines, and comply with increased reporting to the SEC. In the case of EtherDelta, the SEC pursued its founder, Zachary COBURN , and not the project itself, even though he had sold it in 2017. It looks like that, moving forward, much ...

Opinion: The Reasons Behind The Fall Of Bitcoin And The Factors For Growth
Opinion 04.01.19  |  

... first Bitcoin rally, in which the coin loses more than half of the value. The only difference is that 2017 was the year of the growing popularity of blockchain and crypto solutions, and our crypto party has grown: new projects, new experts, new investors have joined the community. At the same time, most of the newbies didn’t understand anything in cryptocurrencies and still don’t understand even now — they just wanted to be on the wave of success and profits, but the HYIP suddenly ended. The ...

How STO Will Attract $4 Trln To The Crypto Market By 2020
Cryptocurrencies   |   22.11.18  |  

Blockchain Conference Moscow recalled how it was used to make the ICO, discussed STO, and shared cases of right solutions in conditions of the volatile crypto market regulation Blockchain Conference Moscow took place under the more than ever high emotions in connection with the BTC nosedive and other significant events like BCH ...

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