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SEC Chairman Answered Questions Concerning the Regulation of the Crypto Industry
Legislation   |   07.06.19  |  

Many crypto enthusiasts believe that the Commission deliberately resists the creation of a clear regulatory framework Appearing on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, SEC Chairman Jay CLAYTON commented on concerns about the creation of a clear regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. Such a framework would help legitimize Bitcoin and the altcoins that are populating global blockchain-based digital economy. To date,...

Challenge Accepted: SEC Filed Charges Against Kik Interactive (KIN)
Usa   |   06.06.19  |  

The US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against a popular project, and as a result, Kin cryptocurrency instantly fell in price by more than 30% If your project comes to the attention of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – ...

SEC Clarifies That Not All Tokens Could Be Considered As Securities
Legislation   |   11.02.19  |  

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce expressed such opinion; she referred to the Howey test as a tool for classifying tokens. Is this a sign of the regulator loosen tight grip? SEC states that tokens distributed within a functioning network are not securities....

SEC Is Looking For Services To Monitor And Track Data
Legislation   |   04.02.19  |  

SEC has published a notice on January 31 concerning search and cooperation. It is possible that the regulator is preparing to begin its study on the Bitcoin ETF The US financial regulator plans to make the market more transparent. The US Securities ...

Kik Interactive (Kin) Is Planning To Take The SEC To Court
Legislation   |   28.01.19  |  

Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik Interactive, opposes the position of the SEC that all tokens are securities, claiming Kin to be the currency Canadian company Kik Interactive Inc plans to sue the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in connection with a potential enforcement action against ICO Kin, which was held ...

The Consequences Of SEC Decisions: No More Utility Tokens?
Legislation   |   08.01.19  |  

The SEC lawsuits showcase that the regulator is intent on pursuing unregistered securities regardless of whether or not the project was fraudulent The SEC lawsuits surrounding Airfox (Carrier EQ, Inc) and Paragon Coin Inc showcase that the regulator is ...

Binance. USentralized exchange shows clients the door
Exchanges   |   14.12.18  |  

... African directions inviting new clients. On the other hand violating of decentralization principles by Binance crypto exchange may negatively influence the industry itself leading to increasing of OTC (Over-the-Counter) trading. The USA and particularly SEC shows controversial attitude towards the cryptocurrency market creating significant obstacles against its development therefore following US economic policy means selecting unfriendly atmosphere towards the crypto industry in general. Meanwhile Binance ...

$800 Bln Laundered By Banks But It's Crypto To Be Blamed. TOON #18
Regulation   |   27.11.18  |  

... agenda of regulators from around the world. They and the financial institutions at the same time avidly accuse the cryptocurrencies to become the key tool for “black” transactions and “gray” schemes, and insist on the strict regulation of this sector which is the only means of change for the situation. Corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing all together are the traditional agenda of regulators from around the world. At the same time, they and the financial institutions avidly accuse ...

Who Crashed The Crypto Market And How To Save Assets
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   22.11.18  |  

... from its unscrupulous participants. But if we discard the numerous conspiracy theories, there are no so many reasons for real ones. The first and underlying reason: market was influenced by the actively created regulatory framework. Now the American SEC has demonstrated that it is ready to check any project, if the Commission has only a shadow of doubt in its honesty and clearance. And this is not an isolated, purely American precedent, the European regulators show the examples of similar actions....

Switzerland Approves ETP: Why Nobody Cares
Trading   |   22.11.18  |  

The first crypto ETP received an approval but Bitcoin did not even notice it. What is the difference between ETP and ETF and why there is no reaction on the market? While the whole crypto community is waiting for the decision of the American SEC on Bitcoin-ETF, Switzerland is approving the listing of the world's first crypto exchange traded product. The country's largest stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchange, which in July reported that it was working on the offering of trading, clearing and ...

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