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America Is Not A Leader Anymore. Kenya Is Ahead
Forecasts   |   16.10.18  |  

Africa continues to astonish people. Here are Dean Kirkland and Nakia J. White to move the perception gap about the continent, this time in terms of blockchain education and real estate. keeps on discovering Africa, and especially women in blockchain over there. We have already covered the story of Yaliwe SOKO, who has recently become the Chairwoman in Blockchain Association of Africa. This time it’s ...

Tokenization of Real Estate: How To Divide A $30 Mln Mansion And Sell Off The Pieces
Data-security   |   10.10.18  |  

... mortgage services receding into the past? One has to agree with the American specialist. Although he did not express this idea directly, the ghost of the crisis of 2008 is still wandering through the streets of American cities. Many people remember the real estate boom of 2004-2007, which began after the crash of the dotcom market. Then, for the first time, Americans began to perceive the house not as a fortress, but as an object for investment. By the way, it was during this period when a serious ideological ...

eCommerce: Sales on DLT To Grow x5 by 2021
Blockchain   |   28.09.18  |  

... blockchain will grow over the next 5 years in markets with more mobile and interested in technical innovations consumers”. How DLT speeds up the process of buying a property Recently, in the field of eCommerce such a phenomenon as the sale and purchase of real estate through the blockchain has become popular. In 2017, in the US and Japan were first offered for sale of homes and Studio for cryptocurrency. Thanks to this, the process of buying a house becomes much easier and faster. One of the experts in ...

Real Estate: Blockchain Threatens Notaries and Realtors
Blockchain   |   26.09.18  |  

The real estate and the related services have remained unshakable and unchanged for decades. The total value of the notarial services market is $30 bln, estimated amount of documents that gets notarized each year in the land of the bold and free - one billion....

The blockchain may deprive us of private property!
Blockchain   |   23.07.18  |  

... order. Appearing 10 years later, the technology of blockchain fits into the global competition of sources as an immediate fixer of its results. For example: there is an applicant of a certain transaction or a smart contract, the transfer of ownership of real estate, this action is confirmed by tens of thousands of users and becomes legitimate. But who can check, track, see that the owner of the property will not be the owner, and the acquirer is not the acquirer? And in general, there was no transaction,...

Research: 21% of British between 21 and 35 would prefer to invest in Bitcoin, not in real estate
Cryptocurrencies   |   28.06.18  |  

In this material, one can learn about one of the root causes of the situation found out by sociologists as a result of a recent interview of British millennials, and how Bitcoin is connected to this another way With real estate being a second alternative, Bitcoin is still more preferable for a part of the young residents of the United Kingdom, as found out by the property management firm Get Living after an interview of 3000 people between 21 and 35. A fifth of them ...

How the winners live: crypto billionaire told reporters about new futuristic office
Investments   |   25.06.18  |  

... tells. The businessman is planning to install holographic receptionists and the whole space is made in high-tech style. Several tens of millions of dollars are also spent on a three-floor penthouse the interior of which looks less pretentious. Both real estate objects are situated in Toronto, Canada. Additionally, Anthony Di Iorio has purchased several luxurious cars - instead of Lamborghinis from the popular stereotype about Bitcoin billionaires, he prefers Aston Martins. Quite probably, this ...

David Sacks from ‘PayPal mafia’ predicts real estate tokens rise
Exchanges   |   21.05.18  |  

See why David Sacks thinks tokens would give real estate assets more liquidity and possible dangers for the market, as well as some background on the problem of shorting opportunities introduction Reports coming from the financial media tell about the view of yet another one of the members of ...

Token Rocati: real housing for virtual money
Guest-posts   |   09.04.18  |  

Italian banking sector has been pretty shaken: a young Italian Pinzi came up with the idea how to eliminate it from real estate transactions. Read about in the article of Bitnewstoday Cryptocurrency Rocati: mortgage 100% without down payment. A young Italian engineer from Bologna, Emanuele Pinzi, created his own cryptocurrency Rocati, radically different from more ...