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South Africa Suffers From New Crypto Ponzi Schemes
Africa   |   10.07.19  |  

... educational programs should be popularized even more, because of fraud and scams following the path of technological growth as it already stormed in Asia in recent years. Now, South Africa has been taken by storm by what clearly looks like a typical Ponzi scheme. A cryptocurrency company by the name of Bitcoin Wallet has been enticing the population of Ladysmith, a city in South Africa to deposit their hard-earned money with them with promises to make them 100% of their deposit within two weeks time....

The Return Of Crypto Ponzi? Bitconnect To Launch New Project
Crime   |   20.05.19  |  

... name. The message on Twitter says that the new project will be launched on July 1, 2019. Bitconnect which also had a lending platform and cryptocurrency exchange closed down in January 2018. The cryptocurrency Bitconnect Coin (BCC) was considered a Ponzi scheme by most members of the cryptocurrency community: Bitconnect promised to pay 120% per annum for the acquisition of BCC which was suspicious to a lot of crypto enthusiasts. As a result, the BCC rate sharply collapsed by 87% in 2018, up to $30 ...