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Ethereum Foundation grants $5 Mln For Network Infrastructure Improvement
Cryptocurrencies   |   09.01.19  |  

Parity Technologies is the company to develop the blockchain network’s next iteration called “ethereum 2.0” The Ethereum Foundation has granted $5 mln to Parity Technologies for the development of the blockchain network’s next iteration which ...

Parity’s Ethereum segregation bug fixed, users recommended to update to latest versions
Cryptocurrencies   |   07.06.18  |  

This material tells about how the reaction of the Parity team differs from their fiasco with the November freeze of Ethereum assets and describes the exact origin of the bug able to segregate the blockchain of ETH Parity, a popular client software for Ethereum network, has seen a serious bug which ...

No special Parity funds unfreeze hard fork planned
Cryptocurrencies   |   18.12.17  |  

The controversial software error led to the freeze of funds on Parity Ethereum wallets. Some members of the community proposed a special hard fork to unfreeze funds but the majority seems to have decided otherwise One small breach in the system can do a disservice for hundreds of people. The users of Parity service ...

Parity team tells how the heck it managed to freeze $160 million of ETH
Cryptocurrencies   |   16.11.17  |  

One of the most disastrous events of this autumn connected with Ethereum has been described in detail by the owners of the wallet platform on which it occurred A postmortem paper has been published on Parity’s website, it tells how the infamous Ethereum wallets freeze happened and what the team is going to do about it. The code flaw which led to more than one hundred million dollars of Ethereum becoming unavailable (or frozen, as the cryptocurrency ...

Huge amounts of Parity ETH funds frozen after supposed dev mistake
Cryptocurrencies   |   09.11.17  |  

Ethereum reputation might suffer due to one bad exploit The Ethereum wallet system named Parity is suffering huge reputation losses after it became a subject of bad news messages because of a big and harmful glitch in the system. Two days ago, a developer by the nickname of devopps199 found a breach in security which resulted in freezing ...

$30 mln stolen in Ethereum due to Parity Wallet vulnerability
Innovations   |   20.07.17  |  

A critical error is found in a Parity wallet and its developers advise owners to move their funds to a securer address According to, Parity wallet developer Smartity has warned of a vulnerability in its product. It allowed hackers to steal about 150,000 ethers or $30 ...