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15 Central Banks Want To Get Into Crypto But FATF Won’t Let Them
Forecasts   |   20.12.18  |  

FATF’s work will strengthen the crypto-market, the IT and the blockchain security expert Martin YANDA believes According to the International Monetary Fund, at least 15 Central Banks are ready to introduce national digital currencies. According to IMF experts, new financial instruments can reduce, and subsequently replace, the turnover of cash. However, cryptocurrencies remain under suspicion among other international organizations. Officials, in particular, are concerned that they can be used...

"Turkoin" Fiasco. Is There Any Hope For Islamic Coin Left
Cryptocurrencies   |   18.12.18  |  

The project of the Turkish national cryptocurrency turned out to be a scam. But the government did not give up the idea of the development of the digital market and the Islamic coin The idea of using a digital currency as a means to struggle against economic sanctions is just in the air. Almost all countries, against which measures of economic impact had been taken, announced the beginning of the national crypto-projects. Except, perhaps, North Korea. However, only Nicolas MADURO took real action...

Iran: Сan Heir Of The Persian Throne Take Over The Islamic World With The Help Of digital currency?
Iran   |   17.12.18  |  

Iran is the nearest to creating the national cryptocurrency. Rank imposes obligations: the country has been under sanctions for a long time but is it only the country that is promoting the crypto-project? Among the countries of the Middle East, Iran is the nearest to creating the national digital currency. Rank imposes obligations: the country has been under sanctions for a long time. However, is it the only thing that encourages the development of a cryptocurrency project? Let's get straightened...

Image of The Week, 10-14 of December: Forbes, Market Watch, The Next Web and Other
News   |   16.12.18  | has chosen the most important news about the digital economy and virtual currencies.The most important stories of this week in the most indicative quotes are below! We're presenting “image of the week”. has chosen only the most important news about the digital economy and virtual currencies. Only the most valuable stories from only the trusted sources. Each and every event from this list will change the world of the digital economy either way. The most important...

“Evil spawn of the financial crisis” And Financial Yellowstone: The Future Standoff Prediction
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   13.12.18  |  

Economists are speaking about the possibility of a new global economic crisis. Will it be more horrifying than the financial storm of 2008 and can the cryptocurrency become a safe haven? People living in the interests of the digital economy have already begun to forget the year of 2015 - the time before the leap in the value of digital coins. It may seem that the high price appeared by itself and has always been here. But today's situation on the market makes us recall that virtual assets have...

Secret Services Might Be Behind The Hacking Of 40,000 Private Accounts
Crime   |   12.12.18  |  

The inattentive user of state services may lose not only their cryptocurrency savings but also go to jail on the charge of espionage activities More than 40,000 user accounts of electronic services of state organizations and state services from 30 countries of the world have been compromised by hackers. Personal data has been stolen from the users' computers and money has been from the crypto-wallets. And, perhaps, as a result of hackers’ actions, someone could lose their freedom. According to...

UAE: The National Oil Company Wants To Secure Supplies Against Possible Iran’s Attack
Innovations   |   11.12.18  |  

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) will test the blockchain platform for tracking offshore oil supplies. Will the blockchain save from oil wars? Decentralized technologies are steadily entering the mining industry, which is not surprising - it is most subjected to technological and geopolitical risks. Similar experiments have already been announced by BP and Shell. The magic word “blockchain” long ago became one of the main PR-markers. Among the hundreds of projects where this concept appears...

Paris Is On Fire: The Digital Economy As A Symbol Of Freedom From Old Conventions
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   10.12.18  |  

Paris is on fire and this is just the beginning. Europe bored by taxes has got tired of suffering from the tyranny of the global economic institutions and is searching for an exit in the digital reality Paris is on fire, and there is a suspicion that this is just the beginning. On the basis of the roots of disturbance, we can conclude that Europe tired of taxes no longer wants to suffer from the tyranny of the global economic institutions. And when people are dissatisfied with something, they vote...

Trending Trinity Weekly (December, 3-7)
News   |   08.12.18  |  

... So, let’s start! #3 - G20: Generals Are Preparing For The War That Has Passed The recent G20 summit in Argentina has left more questions than answers regarding the crypto regulation. Only some kind of intentions were recorded in the final document. Oleg Koldayev is sure that the emerging market will not wait for the unhurried politicians and is going to find its own way to meet the growing demand. The author also proves his point of view with some relevant analogies from the modern history. The ...

Switzerland: Crypto-Funds Will Be Able To Invest Up To $100M In Residential Property
Legislation   |   06.12.18  |  

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) informed the public about the new rules that allow digital companies to open $100 million deposits. Where this money can go The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) informed the public about the new rules of the FinTech license that allow digital companies to open deposits for up to 100 million Swiss francs ($100 million). Moreover, not only credit and financial organizations but also crypto-startups will be licensed to conduct...

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