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Venezuela: Russian Trace Of Nicolas Maduro’s Crypto Economics
Cryptocurrencies   |   06.12.18  |  

Nicolas Maduro believes that he can be better value generator than global market. What plan will bury Venezuela under el Petro avalanche? Nicolas MADURO increased the cost of el Petro in 2.5 times: from 3 600 bolivars to 9 000. Moreover, he made it ...

Let's Make Venezuela Great Again? Toon #1
Venezuela   |   27.09.18  |  

... read our series of articles on Venezuela. Will The Cryptocurrency Help To Bypass The Sanctions? The idea of circumventing all sorts of sanctions with the help of crypto currency has appeared for a long time. About a year ago the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced the creation of the "Blockchain Observatory", an institutional organization whose task was to study the economic and legal conditions for the creation of its own cryptocurrency…( read more ) El Petro To Force The ...

Venezuela's Economic Disaster: How El Petro Can Oppose The USA Politics
Venezuela   |   25.09.18  |  

The Venezuelan national digital coin is entering the global market. But in the current economic and political situation, it is unlikely to be necessary to anyone The Republic of Venezuela is introducing its virtual currency El Petro to the foreign market. This step from Nicolás MADURO has been expected for a long time. Analysts were preparing killers of arguments about the futility of such attempts to cope with the economic crisis and hyperinflation. Journalists sharpened their feathers in order...

United States Treasury on Petro investments: don’t forget that Venezuela is under sanctions
Venezuela   |   22.02.18  |  

... investments in the new cryptocurrency called Petro, state-backed and debatably oil-backed, will be hampered by the United States government. And he was absolutely right, as shortly after, the United States Treasury reminded everyone that the regime of Nicolas Maduro is under sanctions. The Treasury does not consider the engagement with the state-backed cryptocurrency of Venezuela any different to, say, regular government bonds. It warned the American investors that investing in this token is not worth ...

Venezuelan authorities: Petro has already raised $735 mln, Venezuelan citizens: this is a shady project
Investments   |   21.02.18  |  

Find out in this report what the ordinary citizens of Venezuela think about the new Petro token and what the authorities of this country in South America claim shortly after the launch Nicolas Maduro’s leftist government is trying to fight the economic crisis with issuing an altcoin allegedly backed by oil. At the second day of the project’s existence, they claim that this Petro token has raised $735 mln. While the authorities ...

Venezuela has started the issue of its Petro coin
Investments   |   20.02.18  |  

... by oil. Find out below who thinks it’s illegal and who else would tell this is not a good idea During the midnight in Venezuela (04:00 AM GMT), the issue of Petro tokens backed by oil assets has started, as reported by the country’s President Nicolas Maduro on his Twitter: ¡Pendientes! En pocos minutos haremos el lanzamiento al mundo de nuestra criptomoneda Venezolana El Petro que viene a fortalecer nuestra economía — Nicolás Maduro (@NicolasMaduro) February ...

Maduro: Petro token to launch 20 February
Venezuela   |   01.02.18  |  

The oil-backed national cryptocurrency in Venezuela has been developed, according to Nicolas Maduro. Note that the same person is fond of conspiracy theories and thinks ordering businesses to trade at “fair prices” can fix the economic state somehow The national cryptocurrency in Venezuela will be launched 20 February 2018, tells ...

Maduro now wants to issue state cryptocurrency
Venezuela   |   04.12.17  |  

One might wonder if the Venezuelan leader truly imagines how hard it is going to be to develop national cryptocoin when his own people are struggling for basic needs Nicolás Maduro, who is the leader of a regime closely resembling the ending days of Soviet Union when it comes to food on shelves, is now voicing the plans to issue the national cryptocurrency called Petro and backed by oil. One of the first media outlets to report on this was the Spanish El Mundo . According to Maduro, this currency...