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PeruCoin: A Country-Wide Scam or An Attempt To Revive Inca Empire
Regulation   |   06.11.18  |  

The project of the national digital currency of Peru may turn out to be another invention of scammers. Why are speculators still trying to hype on communication with the power? South America never fails to amaze the world with the news of the digital economy. The reports have appeared that, following Venezuela, Peru is going to release its own national virtual coin - PeruCoin. But if in the first case there are substantial economic reasons for issuing Coins, then in the second case, there are no...

Blockchain Is Changing The Game: Why Do Central Banks Need Digital Currency?
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   31.08.18  |  

Central Banks are seeking to reduce the turnover of paper money by launching digital currencies. How can they help economies with low interest rates to get out of the "liquidity trap"? In accordance with, at the end of August the total capitalization of the crypto market became more than 217 $ bln. The market has shown the developing dynamic increased by 30% in comparison with the corresponding figures of the last year. Global traditional financial institutions cannot...

Trending Trinity Weekly, 20-24 of August
News   |   25.08.18  |  

A brief observation of the most popular posts on Bitnewstoday for the last working week. What did the market get this week? Let’s see. Weekend time is when we look at our website stats and pick the most popular articles on Bitnewstoday in our weekly edition of Trending Trinity. And though most of you have already read these posts, we’re here to remind about them again just in case. Let’s take a glance at the leaders of this week! #1 - $500 Million — The Price of The Islamic Economy Global Expansion...

The Last Caesar Has Issued The First Sovereign Crypto
Cryptocurrencies-analysis   |   24.08.18  |  

The Principality of St. Stephen issued two currencies: the traditional one — the lira of St. Stephen, — and the Atm Coin cryptocurrency. Our beloved readers! We are begging you to pardon us and have a lil bit of patience. We want to introduce you a truly unique person. His title is so important that we just couldn’t leave out anything and had to include it here in its full glory. Vincenzo David Siniscalchi di Sarausa, alias His Majesty Don Vincenzo Davide I (Siniscalchi di Saraùsa), the sovereign...

Press: Japanese village to hold its own ICO
Japan   |   18.06.18  |  

Learn what region of Japan wants to have its own initial coin offering, why it needs it and who confirms this information (also why ICO announcements sometimes need verification) The Japanese village of Nishiawakura (Okayama Prefecture) is going to hold its own ICO, as reported by the digital currency-focused media outlets citing the official announcement. This populated area has refused to become a part of the neighbouring city in the past, it has also inserted the narrative about self-sustainability...

Estonia to abandon national cryptocurrency plans
Investments   |   04.06.18  |  

Learn about the initial goals of Estonian government, what the officials from the European Central Bank stated about these plans and where the state-issued cryptocurrency Estcoin will still be used Estonia will not use a cryptocurrency as a national means of payment, financial media outlets tell. The European Central Bank (ECB) was strictly against the idea of using another currency in the member state of the Eurozone. Understandably, the government of Estonia has decided to limit the use of Estcoin...

Italy: blockchain and fintech included in the program of the coalition government contract
Italy   |   31.05.18  |  

What variants of reshuffle in the Italian government will open up opportunities for the advent of the national cryptocurrency and are there any obstacles? You can learn the answer from this article on our portal The 57-page contract on the formation of a coalition government composed of representatives of the Five Star Movement and the League contains a clause on the introduction of a blockchain into the banking sector. The program states: "It is necessary to invest in the development of innovative...

Swiss National Bank: blockchain will change cross-border payment
Investments   |   06.04.18  |  

Learn why the central bank of Switzerland thinks positively about blockchain and would the bank-issued digital currency be advantageous for people according to this institution The Swiss National Bank (SNB, the central bank of Switzerland) would use the blockchain tech in cross-border payments and deals connected with securities, although it requires additional testing. This has been stated by one of the governors of this bank in Zurich yesterday. Andrea Maechler also thinks that the bank-issued...

European Central Bank: cryptocurrency regulation is not our top priority
Singapore   |   07.02.18  |  

The European Central Bank (ECB) does not view Bitcoin and other digital currencies as the problem that needs immediate solution, tells chief supervisor Daniele Nouy. The private banks clearly think otherwise, as witnessed by the recent news on Lloyds and JPMorgan Chase The lead supervisor of the powerful European Central Bank, or the ECB, has lately told CNBC (American news channel) about how this organization views the issue of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. According to Daniele Nouy,...

Venezuela to issue national cryptocurrency
Innovations   |   06.01.18  |  

President Nicolas Maduro ordered the government to launch national cryptocurrency called "Petro". Its maximum supply will amount to 100 units. The first national meeting of miners will be held on January 14 "I have ordered the issuance of 100 million petros with the legal support of Venezuela’s oil wealth,” said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during a meeting with ministers. According to Maduro, each petro will have a value equal to the price of the oil barrel on the country's...

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